Interesting Development Log

In the fall semester, I mainly have two development projects in different fields. The first one is my ongoing development of minigame. This game project is a joint project of nine of us. In our team, there are three planners, four program developers, one musician, and one artist. Since most of the members do not have a complete game development experience, and everyone did not know before the project, the project is still in the stage of developing the level. The second project is the VR music game given by the school. I am very interested in the introduction of this project, but I am not clear about the development of VR. I am very confused by the VR development equipment provided by the school, but I am a person who does it step by step. I plan to study by myself for a while before VR game development.

The development progress of minigame did not make good progress this week. I think the main reason for it is that the team is not familiar with the game. The team has a lot of ideas for the game, and we have brainstormed many times. Everyone wants to add a variety of different ideas to the game, but the ideas have not been implemented. For VR music games, my teammates and I had the first meeting. We got to know each other and discussed the project. I think mutual understanding will be of great help to the future development of the project.

Since the development of VR music games has not started, what I want to share is the development process of my minigame. As the project manager of the project, I am responsible for recruiting members before the project is developed. Most candidates have a lot of programming experience, but as a minigame team of nine people, I only need two game developers. In a good game, when the player starts to play the game, the first 30 minutes are drawn by the style of the game. The playability of the game will make these players spend more time playing. So for a minigame, I want to recruit painters and modelers with unique styles. In order to better understand the production of game illustrations and modeling, I used the drawing board to make illustrations in Photoshop for a week. Painting requires more experience than programming, so I finally gave up illustration production.

Let me briefly introduce our minigame development process. The name of the minigame is Twilight, and the player needs to act as a young man in a 2.5D game world to decrypt and breakthrough. When the player clears the level for the first time, the youth will become the old. Players need to pass the level again on the basis of the previous level. This kind of core gameplay leads to a huge amount of work in the game’s level design and background development. As a programmer and planner, I plan to use two different programs to save the player’s route. This is an interesting challenge for me.

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