Melissa Salmeri Mel Salmeri

My roommate recently took me to The Beanery off 2nd street in downtown Corvallis. I had never been before but it is the quaintest of quaint places. It’s quirky, eclectic and seems to be underestimated. I love that it is a little out of the way of the big, university campus feel, not crammed to the rim full of studying students, or blaring with so much chatter and loud music. It feels “Portland-y.” It’s a place that takes you out of the same routine of Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or the all too traditional library. Although I do love those places and go frequently, I just like to have that one extra place to escape.

One of my favorite parts is the just right, lower lights; they’re not too dim but they’re not so bright that while you’re reading your textbook the ink is glaring back at you. The coffee mugs make me think of the typical grandpa reading the newspaper sipping on his coffee. (Side note: my grandpa doesn’t actually drink coffee, so I’m not speaking from personal experience, but we’ve all seen those cute, typical family breakfast scenes in the movies.) It’s a homey place.

Now keep in mind, everyone will have their own opinion of The Beanery on 2nd street and it may not suit all but if you feel the same as I do, then you’ve found your spot – don’t let it go. I  hope now my favorite escape doesn’t become the most popular in Corvallis after sharing how lovely I think it is – not saying my opinion is the ruler but I think it’s pretty fantastic. There is also The Beanery on Circle Boulevard, and 26th street on Monroe. So, if 2nd street isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then maybe give the others a try.

I think one key to most success is finding that one spot to settle in and do some serious studying, but where also love the food or coffee they have to offer. It may take some time to find your perfect spot. It may not be a coffee shop. It’s wherever you feel like you can get out of your head and busy life for just a bit. With all of that said I hope I have inspired you to look for some cool places to study or relax.

So good luck, and my best hopes you find your spot!

Blair BowmerBlair Bowmer

It’s about that time in the term when everyone is frazzled because of midterms. If you find yourself needing a break to refresh yourself from all the extra studying you’ve had to do, why not employ a couple of relaxation techniques by walking to La Sells or the MU and losing yourself in some new music? There are always tons of different performances going on, so it’s easy to find one that piques your interest and fits in your busy schedule. Not to mention, many of them are FREE for students! The major performances this term are:

• Thursday, January 29th at 7:30pm – Music and Hope: The Corvallis-OSU Symphony, Corvallis Repertory Singers, OSU Chamber Choir, and the Heart of the Valley Children’s Choir are coming together to perform Stephen Paulus’ “To Be Certain of the Dawn,” complete with visual displays and lights to maximize the performance. La Sells Stewart Center, OSU students free with ID.

• Tuesday – Thursday, February 3rd – 5th at 7:30pm – OSU Chamber Ensembles Concerts. Tuesday is the Double Reed, Horn, and Low Brass Choir; Wednesday is the Flute, Clarinet, and Trumpet Choirs; and Thursday is the Sax, Trombone, and Brass Choirs. First United Methodist Church, OSU students free with ID.

• Wednesday, February 25th at 7:30pm – Corvallis-OSU Symphony Concert: Between Two World Wars. They will be performing Britten: Sinfonia da Requiem, Profokiev: Concerto No. 2 for Violin with Jessica Lambert as the soloist, and Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 4. La Sells Stewart Center, OSU Students free with ID.

• Thursday, February 26th at 7:30 pm – OSU Jazz at the Majestic. Majestic Theatre, free to OSU students with ID

• Sunday, March 1st at 4pm – Steinway Piano Series Concert: Simon Trpceski from Macedonia. He will be performing Brahms: Three Intermezzi, op. 117; Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel, op. 24; Ravel: Valses Nobles et sentimentales; Poulenc: Trois Novelettes, 15 Improvisations, Tocatta from Trois Pieces. La Sells Stewart Center, OSU students free with ID.

• Monday, March 2nd at 7:30pm – OSU Wind Ensemble and Wind Symphony Concert: Music by Ray Cramer, Scott McAllister, Malcolm Arnold, and more. La Sells Stewart Center, OSU Students free with ID.

• Friday, March 6th at 7:30 – An Evening of Opera: OSU Opera Workshop. They will be performing scenes from Don Giovanni, The Pirates of Penzance, The Rape of Lucretia, and La Cenerentola (Cinderella); complete with lights and visual displays to complement the staging. First Congregational Church of Christ, OSU Students free with ID.

• Monday, March 9th at 7:30pm – OSU Meistersingers and North Clackamas Community Choir. Milwaukie Lutheran Church, $5 for students.

• Friday, March 13th, 7:30pm – Orange & Black Scholarship Concert: OSU Chamber choir, Bella Voce, OSU Meistersingers, OSU Glee. First United Methodist Church, OSU students free with ID.

Don’t forget, there’s also Music A La Carte every Friday at Noon in the MU! Also, keep an eye out for various recitals for all of the upperclassmen music students, they’re always very fun and they love to have your support (and it’s free)! For more information on Music A La Carte performers, recitals, or any of the events listed above, check out our calendar! I’ll see you there, and maybe you’ll see me up on stage! 😉

Logan Pedersen Logan Pedersen

Looking for an interesting bacc core class you will enjoy throughout the entire term regardless of what major you’re in? If so, look no further than Music Cultures of the World (MUS 108)! This inspirational, motivational, and thought provoking class teaches the true Native American values of “One Heart.” On top of that you gain a whole new experience of learning the Native American flute! No text books are required, and a handmade Cedar Native American Flute is included with the class. This is a three credit class that meets once a week for two hours. It requires no prior music knowledge, and throughout the course you will be taught songs by the Native American Artist of the Year: Jan Michael Looking Wolf! If you’re at all interested in hearing some of his incredibly beautiful music, here’s a link .

Professor Jan Michael plays solos and improvises before, during, and after class. Not only does this class enrich the mind, it feeds the soul. I personally gained a new perspective on life after taking this class, and it opened my eyes to a culture I didn’t know a lot about. To this day, I still play my Native American Flute; the sound is soothing and relaxing. This is a class you won’t forget…I highly recommend you take it! You won’t regret it.


Breanna Balleby Breanna Balleby

In case you didn’t already know, Oregon State University’s University Honors College (UHC) is currently accepting applications! There is an opportunity for you to apply if you are a prospective student (currently in high school), a current student (currently at OSU), or a prospective transfer student (currently at a different institution but planning to transfer to OSU). The UHC accepts applications on a yearly basis—so this is your chance.

As a College of Liberal Arts student, I am so glad to have been a part of the UHC these past four years. Oregon State and the College of Liberal Arts already offer so many great opportunities, and the UHC helps enhance and multiply your chances to enrich your studies at OSU. Whether you are looking for additional research opportunities and experience; smaller, interactive, and discussion-based courses; or a community of like-minded high-achieving students…you can find it all in the UHC!

In my experience as a UHC student, I have taken intriguing courses (typically capped between 12-20 students) that have counted towards my bacc core, majors, minors, and general elective requirements. I’ve lived in the Honors Living-Learning Community (currently West Hall). Recently, I completed and defended my undergraduate Honors/International Degree thesis with the support of my mentor and committee members. The UHC has also supported me in my study abroad endeavors to Angers, France (Summer 2013) and London, England (Summer 2014 – a program specifically designed for College of Liberal Arts students!). Finally, but certainly not least, I have become a part of the UHC community and have met so many wonderful peers, professors, and professional staff during my time at OSU.

If you’re ready to start your own UHC story, be sure to check out the application timeline and apply for Fall 2015. If you are a current OSU or transfer student, be sure to apply prior to March 15th and plan on hearing back from the UHC around April 30th. If you are a first-year applicant, the final deadline is quickly approaching so get your application in by February 1st and decisions will be made by March 31st. Remember, no matter what kind of applicant you are, you need to respond to the UHC Application Essay Question—so don’t delay in getting started!

Still not sure if the UHC is right for you? I encourage you to explore their website and even better…plan a visit! To learn more about the UHC and/or the application process, you can also check out their Application FAQ page or contact the UHC directly by calling 541-737-6400 or emailing You could even email a UHC Student Ambassador, such as myself, to learn more about the UHC from a student’s perspective. Best of luck and keep up the good work!


Holly Briggs Holly Briggs

Coffee, the college student’s water. I’m not a person who has to have coffee to function… unless it is finals week. When finals week rolls around the coffee cups invade my desk, and pyramids could be built from them.

When I am on campus with a couple minutes to spare, I love to drop by the Java Stop in the MU. The barristas are always fun to chat with and the couches are unbelievably comfortable. The raspberry lattes from the Java Stop give Starbucks a run for their money – and this coming from a Seattelite! Besides the coffee they have delicious apples and peanut butter, as well as bagels that can be catered to your liking.

My favorite part of a coffee shop, besides the bagels and beverages, is the culture. It always feels like everyone is extremely supportive and welcoming. Around Corvallis there are coffee shops that have open mic nights when students can express their poems, music, and short stories. Many CLA classes will even offer extra credit for attending these readings! Look into these readings on and around campus to find one that you would enjoy. The College of Liberal Arts often brings authors to OSU and gives them the opportunity to read and sign books.

Check out the CLA website to find out more about the readings for this term! The author of Wild just came through. Also, drop by Java stop and have a delicious cup of joe, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Jon Bosworth by Jon Bosworth
Walking to class on any given day I can’t help but notice that I’m surrounded by one thing: opportunity. When you’re in high school considering where to go to college, many schools boast that they provide you with opportunities to better your future. While this is undoubtedly true at an institution such as Oregon State, it is not the type of opportunity I’m talking about. I’m talking about the type of opportunity that inspires generations of humans and brings people together. Among the thousands of students at OSU, there is opportunity to shape the world through serving and helping others.

There are days when I wake up and spend far too much time complaining about my situation. Whether it’s grumbling about all of the reading I have to do, making a fuss over the food at the dining hall, or even wishing I didn’t have to attend so many meetings, I do this far too often. I must remember today there are millions of children wondering if they’ll have food on the table. I must remember tonight there are hundreds of thousands of Americans without a home. I must remember tomorrow many communities will be in worse shape than they were today. And most of all I must remember how lucky I am.

Chances are if you’re reading this you’re pretty lucky too. Regardless of the state of our lives I believe, and Oregon State University believes, in the importance of service. Next Monday, January 19th, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a day of remembrance and celebration of one of the greatest leaders our country has ever seen. Dr. King stressed themes of peace, love, and service, saying that “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’” As part of United We Serve—the President’s national community service initiative—we are called to participate in a day of service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Here at Oregon State University, we take this call very seriously and all students are encouraged to take a few hours out of their day to help improve their community. Whether this means serving a meal, cleaning up a park, or merely spending time with someone in need, there are endless opportunities in Corvallis to serve. As with previous years, the Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) has put together many service activities at various times. On Saturday January 17 the city will join together to “strengthen communities, empower individuals, and bridge barriers.” By signing up you are provided a light breakfast and lunch as well as an experience to remember. To sign up through the Center for Civic Engagement please visit: and pick a project that best suits you.

Whether you sign up to serve on Saturday or any other day, it’s crucial that you engage with your community. Through my time at Oregon State I’ve seen a union of students, faculty, and community members come together for a common cause in bettering the world around them. The MLK Day of Service is another opportunity to do just that: improve the world one volunteer at a time.




McKenzie Rossby Kenzie Ross

The potty, the pit-stop, the palace of the porcelain throne. They generally serve the same purpose, doing their duty as intended, yet some offer a more enjoyable ambiance than others. And personally, I prefer to make my bladder gladder in an environment I find delightful.

So what’s the criteria for an A+ public restroom? It must be clean, well-lit, and vacant. Also, a little entertainment never hurt. I’m sure there are several bathrooms on campus that meet these requirements, but only one rises above the rest.

So where’s this magical bathroom I speak of? None other than than the Wiz-Palace of Moreland Hall. Sunlit, beautiful tiling, and fantastic bathroom graffiti. I know, I know, vandalism, scary right? Not this time. The graffiti is actually what makes this bathroom the best. This potty-talk, so to speak, is uplifting, body positive, and supportive. It says things like “you’re beautiful,” “you determine how you feel,” or “every day you wear running shoes is a good day.” We all have rough moments, and finding positivity in unexpected places is encouraging.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this type of graffiti is in a Liberal Arts building. To me, these kind words are a reflection of our greater Liberal Arts family. We’re supportive of one another, and we’re always striving to be better. It’s also a testimony to our social-consciousness. As we learn repeatedly in our studies, we’re not only connected as liberal arts students but also to the world at large. We’re able to recognize how personal experience serves to better both ourselves and our communities. Finally, we’re always keeping in mind how our actions and words affect others. I believe that these attributes are something that we will carry with us long after graduation.

So, I must admit, the Moreland bathroom is my favorite because it reminds me just how lucky I am to be a part of Liberal Arts at OSU.

Bathroom Break!


Jenna SaperiaBy Jenna Saperia

Starting the term off is tough no matter what your break was like. Whether you went back home to Portland or traveled the world, starting a new term off is rough for everyone. Here are some great tips to get you on the right track with winter term!

Try Making A Schedule! On the first day of every class ever you receive a syllabus, or least a link to one. This means that on the first day of school you receive the due date of almost every assignment for that term. Keeping up to date on when things are due can help you manage time, ensuring you have time to study, do homework, watch Netflix, and sleep. Trust me, doing all of it is possible! Just spending an hour one day, with your favorite television show in the background, can help you never miss a due date. In addition, knowing when your finals are helps you already start planning your spring break…the next thing to count down the days too. It’s 53 if you were wondering!

Keep Track of Assignments! Forgetting one or two assignments is not going to be detrimental, until your grade is sitting judgingly at a 79.86% and you know that east 5 point assignment you blew off could have saved your grade, but at the time binge watching on Netflix seemed like a better option. It’s never wrong to take a break and watch a little television. Your brain sometimes cannot handle the constant overload of stimulus that homework puts on you. To ensure that no homework gets left behind, take breaks without putting your homework away. Watch a 22 minute How I Met Your Mother episode then return to your work. You’ll be fresher and more focused on your work. Making a check list of assignments at the beginning of your homework completion session can be super helpful too! Take a break, and start the next assignment.

Plan out Meals! The days have already begun to smush together. The breaks you have during the day can either be wasted or taken advantage of. I am 100% guilty of letting an hour break fly by as I numbingly lay on my bed listening to music, counting the little white dots on my popcorn painted ceiling. As the year went on, I learned that I was forgetting to eat. The days were going by so quickly that I wasn’t even thinking about using the time for food. Planning your day around when you are going to eat can not only make the day go by faster, but it can give those break times purpose. It doesnt matter if you go back home and make something, bring something with you, or if you buy something in the dining halls, eating is necessary to keep your mind alert and focused during class. It will not help you get ahead when your teacher is taking attendance and they call out your name and you answer with “pop tart” because that’s what was on your mind.

Manage Your Money! Yes, the dining halls are pre-made and super convenient, but if you are not on the correct dining plan they are expensive. Fred Meyer, Safeway, and Winco have some great priced meals that are just easy easy to make at home. And no, mac’n’cheese is not your only option. In addition, you now live in Corvallis, and lets be honest, we don’t have the best shopping centers if you are a shopaholic. Online shopping can be tempting. You press a button and 5-10 days later your outfit arrives at your front step. In a month or two, you will realize that now you will just be looking super stylish sitting in your room alone because you can’t afford to go to the movies with all your friends. Saving a little at a time can make your whole term stress free and smoother. Now go enjoy that movie in last year’s clothes, no one will know!