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Coffee, the college student’s water. I’m not a person who has to have coffee to function… unless it is finals week. When finals week rolls around the coffee cups invade my desk, and pyramids could be built from them.

When I am on campus with a couple minutes to spare, I love to drop by the Java Stop in the MU. The barristas are always fun to chat with and the couches are unbelievably comfortable. The raspberry lattes from the Java Stop give Starbucks a run for their money – and this coming from a Seattelite! Besides the coffee they have delicious apples and peanut butter, as well as bagels that can be catered to your liking.

My favorite part of a coffee shop, besides the bagels and beverages, is the culture. It always feels like everyone is extremely supportive and welcoming. Around Corvallis there are coffee shops that have open mic nights when students can express their poems, music, and short stories. Many CLA classes will even offer extra credit for attending these readings! Look into these readings on and around campus to find one that you would enjoy. The College of Liberal Arts often brings authors to OSU and gives them the opportunity to read and sign books.

Check out the CLA website to find out more about the readings for this term! The author of Wild just came through. Also, drop by Java stop and have a delicious cup of joe, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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