You’ve unpacked your belongings, scored the top bunk, and eaten in the dining halls.
What’s next you ask? Getting to know campus of course! At Oregon State there are several key buildings that every student should be aware of. I’m here to help you identify these buildings and tell you a little bit more about the resources and activities located in them.

The first to know is a central building on campus named the Memorial Union, most often referred to as the MU. The MU houses a coffee shop, a convenience store, and six restaurants; all are great options if you want to eat outside of the dining hall but stay on campus. Other notable places include the MU lounge which has great chairs and sofas for reading, studying, and even the occasional nap. If you’re looking for something fun to do on a Friday night, the MU also has a bowling alley and other various games located in its basement.

Another noteworthy place is the Valley Library, one of the more modern buildings on campus. The Library is a wonderful and quiet place to study, but its resources are what make it such a key part of campus life. In the Library you can print your papers, find computer support at the Computer Helpdesk, use study rooms, as well as check out computers, tablets, and books. You’ll also find the Collaborative Learning Center, which has peer and GTA tutors. If you’re in need of a little something extra for your papers or just simply want to spend the afternoon with rare and historic books, check out the Special Collections & Archives Research Center on fifth floor. If you need to take a break from all the studying to grab a snack, head to the first floor of the Library where there is a coffee shop with an assortment of food and drinks to satisfy your cravings. Tip: Try snagging a study table in the Rotunda, there’s plenty of natural light to brighten your mood!

As students we’re always balancing busy schedules, but Dixon Recreation Center makes it easy to squeeze in a workout. Dixon offers a variety of ways to get your heart rate up and keep you healthy whether you’re lifting weights, rock climbing, running on the indoor track, or swimming laps in the pool. If you prefer working out in a group fitness setting, taking cycling classes, or getting your Zumba on, you can do that too! Dixon offers more than ninety group workout classes a week at convenient times to fit into your schedule. If you’re looking to lower your stress levels, you can take a yoga class, make use of the hot tub, and even get a massage at a reasonable price. To end your workout, you can reward yourself with a freshly made smoothie from the cafe just inside the doors of Dixon.

As the term begins, I hope you’re able to get to know the ins and outs of campus by checking out these buildings and all that Oregon State has to offer!

by McKenzie Ross

Breanna     Breanna Balleby

To all of you living on campus this year, welcome! Yesterday (Wednesday, September 24) marks the final day of move-in and we are well on our way into CONNECT Week. Something to keep in mind as you transition to life on campus is your hall staff. They are here to support you and it’s important you know how they can help make this year a great experience!

First off, I encourage you to get to know your RD (Resident Director). Each hall has an RD who helps to manage the building and the hall’s community. This person has at least a master’s degree and is a full-time professional staff member. All RDs host weekly office hours where you can meet with them individually regarding most aspects of university life.

RD Tip: stop by your RD’s office hours sometime during Week 1 or Week 2 to introduce yourself!

Secondly, many of you might be familiar with the acronym RA which stands for Resident Assistant. These are peers who live in the hall with their residents and help address student concerns. Being students themselves, RAs are a great in-hall resource and they can support you in a variety of ways. Their goal is to create a safe, intellectual, and well-connected community and they do so by assisting students on a day-to-day basis as well as through event programming.

RA Tip: when you see your RA at the main desk of your building say “hello” and ask them about some of the things you can check out from behind the desk

Next up, the CRFs (Community Relations Facilitators) are also peers who live on campus. There are seven CRFs campus-wide this year so about every other hall has a CRF. This position is built into residence hall life in order to promote social justice and help residents create an equitable and inclusive community. The CRFs will host facilitations surrounding topics such as diversity, social justice, etc. just about every month. They also host office hours so students can chat one-on-one with a CRF if they wish.

CRF Tip: keep an eye out for an upcoming CRF facilitation and plan to attend at least one facilitation this term

Finally, each hall on campus has one ALA (Academic Learning Assistant). As current students, the ALAs know quite well what it’s like to balance the components of college life. ALAs will plan academically-focused events in the hall and they will also have office hours throughout the week. They can help you improve your study skills, find resources on campus, understand how to utilize online resources (such as online registration or the Valley Library website), and generally help you towards your definition of academic success.

ALA Tip: find out when your ALA’s office hours are by stopping by their room or asking them the next time you see them in the hall

Logan By Logan Pedersen

You’ve made the big move, and now the experience begins! This upcoming week has lots of events in store for new students and one in particular that you won’t want to miss is the CLA Connect BBQ. It’s this Thursday, September 25th from 1:00 to 3:30 PM and will be held on the grass right in front of Gilkey Hall. If you like free food and having a great time then this event is definitely for you. It’s a time for freshmen and new students in the College of Liberal Arts to meet other students that share similar interests and majors. There will be lots of free delicious food, and in the meantime if you have any questions about this upcoming year, you can ask any of the CLA student ambassadors or academic advisers who are there just for you!

When I attended this event as a freshman I really enjoyed meeting so many students my age who were going to be studying my same subjects. I found it very helpful asking students with experience about all the involvement opportunities that were currently going on inside and outside of my major. It was there at the BBQ I learned about various clubs and groups on campus within my major which I now am apart of and help lead.

All of the advisers at START will also be available to chat, answer questions, and help make your first year as enjoyable as possible. The student ambassador team will also be there if you’d like a seasoned student’s perspective or if you’d just like to talk, get to know, and make connections with those who share your similar interests. Even if you haven’t declared a major yet, there will be lots of great information and people you can talk with to explore groups you can get involved with on campus. The ambassadors and advisers will be there for you and will help make your college experience even more enjoyable by informing you of great opportunities that may fit your interests. Be sure to make it out and stop by this event because it will be a great time to make new friends, create memories, and enjoy some great free food with fun people.

Good luck finishing getting moved in and we look forward to seeing you at the BBQ!