LoganBy Logan Pedersen

Now that midterms are upon us, you might find it useful to try and de-stress every once in awhile by taking a break and venturing outside now that the weather has taking a turn for the better! This week, the orange and black city is scheduled hit high temps upward of 80 degrees!!! The countryside around Corvallis is perfect for exploring and enjoying nature, and there are numerous hiking trails and places to sight see in and around Corvallis that are relaxing, close by, and FREE!

One place fellow Beavers enjoy escaping away to is Mary’s Peak. This hike lets you truly experience all of the beauty Corvallis has to offer. At an elevation of 4,097 feet, your view can sometimes extend all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Range and down through the Willamette Valley. You’ll want to allot about a half a day for the trip, as the hike is approximately six miles long and of moderate difficulty. With summer rapidly approaching, wildflowers will also be starting to pop up in the meadows, and you can truly escape midterms (for a few hours at least) on this peaceful and remote trail! (Approx. 6 miles, half day)

If you’re looking for a quicker, yet equally tranquil hike, then I’d recommend checking out Bald Hill. This hike is less challenging then Mary’s Peak, but it still provides a nice view of Corvallis and the surrounding area. It’s a very friendly hike, and when I’ve hiked it in the past, I’ve come across many families and children on this hike. (Approx. 9 miles, 1-3 hours)

covered bridge

The Covered Bridge offers another appealing excursion for members of Beaver Nation, and it is conveniently located just a few miles from campus! If you hop on Campus Way and bike for about 20 minutes, before you know it you’ll find yourself under a piece of local history, a country-style old fashioned covered bridge perfect for an afternoon outing or a sunset with that special someone. This bridge is only open to foot traffic and bicyclers so get a group together and peddle out to see this fantastic part of the city. (Approx 2.3 miles, 1-3 hours)

This time of year can certainly be stressful, but I cannot encourage you enough to take a break every once in awhile and get off campus to explore the world around you. You’ll be amazed at how much a change of scenery can improve your outlook. Reconnect with what matters, and if you want, bring along your books and study materials and setup shop on a stump somewhere with a view!

KaelynnBy Kaelyn Cochrane

As a fifth year student I have had the opportunity to battle the Senior Slump twice. Do not fear, it IS doable! There will be several times throughout your college career when you lose motivation, become ill, run into family issues and the list goes on; now I am here to tell you a few things that have pushed me passed such hardships throughout my time here at OSU. The first thing one should always do in a time of stress in a college environment is to research and/or utilize the resources available to you. If you are feeling down, exhausted, depressed or lack motivation, Oregon State has resources on campus to help you work through times such as these. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on campus is available to all students and they are a great outlet for situations in which you feel under qualified to deal with.

On a more personal level there are a few simple steps to keeping yourself engaged in class and on top of your studies while battling the impacts of the Senior Slump. Step 1-Try not to let the time of year impact your studies: There are certain stigmas associated with each term and it is very easy to defy them, especially if you are aware of them. For instance, springtime is seen as a season to spend in the sun and have a lot of fun outside of school with your friends. Along with this you must continue to go to class and allot a number of hours per week to study. A great way to do this is to link up with a friend or two on these sunny days and study outdoors!

Most everyone around you has homework and studying to do, so a new study buddy is not too far away! Step 2-Stay Active. I find that it is much easier to stay focused when you are staying active and taking care of your body. From going on a walk with a friend to making a pit stop during your day at Dixon, finding some way to get your blood flowing will help your mind to stay clear of unwanted distractions and provide you with some endorphins in the process!

Step 3-Trust your routine! Everyone has a certain study habit or routine that works for them, keep to such habits and you will find yourself continuing to succeed throughout the year. Spring term can become very difficult with the daydreams of summer and the exhaustion of fall and winter term hovering over your head. This is, in my opinion, the most important time of year to trust your study habits and know what to do to stay successful. If you love studying in the afternoon, continue to do so because you know that works. If you prefer to go to Dixon before or after class, continue to do so to keep yourself on track.

You are at Oregon State to learn and prepare for your future. It is through simple steps such as these that will keep you moving forward with your degree, while also getting to enjoy the lovely OSU & Corvallis communities that surround us. Instead of letting the Senior Slump control what time you have left at Oregon State, take control of this slump and enjoy your Oregon State experience to the fullest!

BreannaBy Breanna Balleby

Are you looking for a fun and productive way to spend your summer? Then you should definitely consider taking classes on campus during summer term! There are over 600 classes offered this summer, so take advantage of all that summer at OSU has to offer.summer

I love summer classes here at Oregon State because you can continue to work towards your degree with classes that are condensed into a shorter time period, allowing you to really immerse yourself in the course material. One of the best things about summer classes, in my opinion, is that you have the opportunity to focus on one subject at a time. There are many different types of summer courses (bacc core courses, major courses, electives, etc.) and they vary by how long the course runs. For example, some courses are only 3-4 weeks long while others range between 8-10 weeks. You can choose to take multiple summer courses during the same session, but it’s also nice to take some of the shorter sessions, allowing you to really narrow in on that one subject. So whether you want to take a couple of classes to get ahead, need to retake a course, or are looking to complete a series of courses (such as language courses) in only one term…summer term is for you!

For those of you who are out-of-state, you’ll be pleased to hear that everyone pays in-state prices for tuition and fees during summer term! What a great perk! I encourage everyone to browse the OSU Summer Session website for more information about the many classes and programs offered during summer term. Additionally, I suggest that you meet with your CLA Advisor to chat about which summer classes might work best for you. Be sure to call and schedule an appointment soon though, because registration for Summer 2014 already opened on April 13!



BreannaBy Breanna Balleby

Hello there, first-year College of Liberal Arts students! Guess what? It’s Week 3 of this very beautiful Spring term and it’s time to celebrate the beginning of the end of your first year at Oregon State University. How might you go about doing this? By attending the College of Liberal Arts Matriculation Ceremony this Wednesday, April 16 at 4:30 p.m. in Milam 026 (a.k.a. the very large lecture hall in Milam), of course.

The Matriculation Ceremony is a celebratory event focused on recognizing your first-year achievements in CLA, mingling with fellow Liberal Arts folk, and inspiring you to continue to excel in your studies here at OSU and beyond. We will be giving you treats and beverages as well as providing opportunities to win prizes! An important part of the evening will include meeting your major advisor. Through this entire first year, you’ve been meeting with your CLA Advisor in the Central Advising Office in Gilkey. Now that your CLA Advisor has helped you to feel settled in your major and at OSU, you now will gain the guidance of your major advisor who will be able to help you determine your major courses, find major-specific internship and study abroad opportunities, and so much more related to your own discipline. Myself and the other CLA Student Ambassadors will also be there to chat and help answer any questions you might have.

It is also important to meet your major advisor because you will need to get your fall registration pin from them so that you can register by mid-May!

So, if you haven’t already marked it on your calendar, go do it right now, you won’t want to miss this memorable event. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday at 4:30 in the Milam auditorium!

LoganBy Logan Pedersen

Looking to get more involved on campus as well as boost your resume? Oregon State has over 300 clubs on campus and new ones are emerging every term! If you’re looking to get more involved with the OSU community, become a leader, apply your strengths, and build your resume at the same time, then you might think about joining a new club, becoming a member, taking the initiative to become an officer, or even founding your own club.

If you’re looking to find a new club, you might want to start by checking out one of these:


1) The Ballroom Dance Club: If you like to get your groove on then this club is definitely for you! Take your Friday and Saturday night dancing to the next level by coming and getting a free lesson from students who are proficient in dance performance and style. Whether you’re a first time beginner or have been dancing your whole life, this club will get you jumping and jiving till the sun goes down! (Wednesdays WB 116, Lesson 7-8pm, Open Dance 8-10pm).

2) Psychology Club: Are you interested in learning more about how humans interact with one another and how your own brain functions? Psych Club puts students though personality tests that tell you more about yourself and the people around you. In addition, the club brings in guest speakers from the OSU community to talk about cutting edge research! (Wednesdays Milam 123, Meeting 6-7pm). 1) The Ballroom Dance Club: If you like to get your groove on then this club is definitely for you! Take your Friday and Saturday night dancing to the next level by coming and getting a free lesson from students who are proficient in dance performance and style. Whether you’re a first time beginner or have been dancing your whole life, this club will get you jumping and jiving till the sun goes down! (Wednesdays WB 116, Lesson 7-8pm, Open Dance 8-10pm).

3) Young Life: If you’re looking to get more involved with a Christian community then this would be a great group to help you strengthen your faith and meet with other students who share similar values. Dinner is served, and a guest speaker shares advice on life. Afterwards, students socialize with one another! (Tuesdays off campus, Gathering 8-10pm, more info on the group’s Facebook page).

4) Intramural Sports: For those looking to add some exercise and action to their weekly routine, intramural sports is always a great way to get out and meet new people while having fun and getting a workout in. You can find all the spring term leagues at this web address: http://oregonstate.edu/recsports/spring-leagues.

There is a great number of clubs here at OSU. For a complete listing, including their meeting times, you can go to the OSU web site: http://oregonstate.edu/seac/sos/find_org. As the weather starts to get warmer it’s a great time to become more active, meet new people, and get more involved in your community. Let that BEAVER PRIDE show!



AlisonBy Alison Blazer

Greetings fellow Beavers!


Spring term is here, which means Beaver Nation is about to get a case of Spring Fever! Many of us have experienced it before, and as a graduating senior, I feel it is my duty to caution my fellow classmates. Days full of sunshine, Frisbee on the quad and iced beverages are coming our way, Beaver Nation, and we need to prepare!

This blog entry is going to offer a few helpful tips on how to plan ahead for a productive term. So read up, and let this be your remedy for Spring Fever!

1. Buy a planner- it’s never too late!

Whether you’ve managed to misplace your heavily used agenda over Spring Break, or have never before owned one, make your planner your new best friend. Having a concrete, hard copy of your schedule is never a bad idea. It allows students to better visualize the next 10 weeks, which believe me, are going to fly by sooner than you expect! So what do you put in this magical new life organizer, you ask?

2.See those syllabi? Transfer all those deadlines over to your new planner!

Here’s your answer! Syllabus week is all fun and games until you realize those packets of paper actually contain serious deadlines to large, looming assignments. Utilize your planner to organize all of the upcoming deadlines for papers, projects, and tests. If you’re like me, and want to be really thorough, you could even include quizzes, assigned readings, and other small assignments.

3. Be realistic.

Don’t overestimate your academic motivation, but then again, don’t underestimate yourself! Spring term can be carried out with the same determination as all terms prior. You just need to be realistic with yourself. Understand that the sunshine and friends offering to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant with some nice outdoor seating can be very distracting. Know yourself, and know your priorities.

4. Reach out for help.

Spring Fever can get the best of any of us—don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your academic advisor, your friends and even your parents *gasp* are there for you and want to see you do well at OSU. In addition to the many individual sources of support students can turn to, there are numerous tools that can be found both on our campus and beyond on the world wide web.

OSU’s Academic Success Center offers academic support to the entire student body and aims to assist students in numerous academic capacities. The ASC houses several different programs, including Academic Coaching, the Writing Center, and Academic Learning Services courses. You can schedule an appointment at the Center (located in Waldo Hall 102) by calling (541) 737-2272. These appointments are absolutely free for both undergraduate and graduate students, and you can even schedule a series of appointments throughout the upcoming term!

The ASC also offers a very helpful one-page “Term at a Glance” calendar on their website for free download. Access it here: http://success.oregonstate.edu/learning-corner/term-long-planning

In additon to OSU’s campus resources, there are always tons of tools available on the web. For instance, did you know there are websites designed to help you lock yourself out of your own Facebook account for a specified amount of time? Several of these sites require a browser add-on, but are completely free and can hugely increase your productivity during those tough-to-beat days full of sunshine.

Check out some recommended sites here:

Facebook Limiter

Productivity Owl

Hack My Study

5.  Get involved.

Is there an organization or club you’ve been meaning to get involved with? Feel like it’s too late? Good news—it’s never too late! Although most campus groups heavily recruit new members during the beginning of the academic year in the fall, there is nothing wrong with dipping your toes into the water right now. Come fall term, members of the club of your dreams could already be familiar with you and what you can offer them and you could already be comfortable attending meetings, events, etc. What’s the harm in that? Similarly, if it’s your very last term at OSU and you still haven’t gotten everything you want out of your extracurricular self, get out there! Try your hand in student government, volunteer at the food pantry, or go create something exquisite at the craft center! The Corvallis campus is your oyster, so enjoy it!

6. Have a little fun in the sun (and maybe fit some snoozing in too)!

Last, but not least, remember to have fun! Productivity is nothing without the reward. So whatever it is that you do to relax and enjoy your time, whether it be alone or with a group of friends, make sure you find some space in that nifty planner to block out some you time. Among all of the papers, the involvement, and the fun, you also have to remember to sleep! Slammed for time? Combine your intake of Vitamin D with some shuteye in a patch of sun on the MU Quad.

With that, I wish you all the best of luck! Plan ahead and utilize the tools I’ve listed above and you’re sure to have a memorable and productive term! Go get ‘em Beavs!