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Are you looking for a fun and productive way to spend your summer? Then you should definitely consider taking classes on campus during summer term! There are over 600 classes offered this summer, so take advantage of all that summer at OSU has to offer.summer

I love summer classes here at Oregon State because you can continue to work towards your degree with classes that are condensed into a shorter time period, allowing you to really immerse yourself in the course material. One of the best things about summer classes, in my opinion, is that you have the opportunity to focus on one subject at a time. There are many different types of summer courses (bacc core courses, major courses, electives, etc.) and they vary by how long the course runs. For example, some courses are only 3-4 weeks long while others range between 8-10 weeks. You can choose to take multiple summer courses during the same session, but it’s also nice to take some of the shorter sessions, allowing you to really narrow in on that one subject. So whether you want to take a couple of classes to get ahead, need to retake a course, or are looking to complete a series of courses (such as language courses) in only one term…summer term is for you!

For those of you who are out-of-state, you’ll be pleased to hear that everyone pays in-state prices for tuition and fees during summer term! What a great perk! I encourage everyone to browse the OSU Summer Session website for more information about the many classes and programs offered during summer term. Additionally, I suggest that you meet with your CLA Advisor to chat about which summer classes might work best for you. Be sure to call and schedule an appointment soon though, because registration for Summer 2014 already opened on April 13!



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