Annie Lesny, CLA Ambassador

As students finish their finals and sunshine graces OSU’s campus, graduation is on the minds of many. As a psychology student going into my senior year, college is flying by and I can already feel the bittersweet emotions of my friends graduating and moving on. College is filled with beautiful experiences, whether it is making lifelong buddies, participating in enlightening activities (which for me involve yoga and rock climbing at Dixon), engaging in meaningful research opportunities, or the deepening experience of studying abroad.


This summer, I will be studying abroad in Angers, France, and I am beyond excited. Through a multimedia project titled “Annie Goes To France”, I will be posting my adventures in Angers to share with all interested! As I am studying the Psychology of Meditation, the blog will focus on comparative yoga and meditation abroad in France. Some topics that will be covered are: cross-cultural differences in flow and practice, views and misconceptions about meditation and yoga in France, challenges that local practitioners face, different branches of yoga specific to the Angers region, and diverse perceptions of the medicinal values of yoga and meditation in France versus the United States. Further, I will delve deep into my entire study abroad experience, including the “do”s and “dont”s as I learn more about the culture and myself. If you are interested in what living in France is like, yoga and meditation cross-culturally, or are just curious about studying abroad in general, please check out my blog at I am deeply passionate about the importance of studying abroad and am excited to share my experiences with you!