Blair Bowmer, Music Major, CLA Ambassador

​With all of the recent changes in our country, it’s not surprising to see them affecting students on campus. Almost immediately after the presidential election, I could hear people in the library quad protesting through the window of my classroom. The next morning, I was pleased to see that people had written kind, positive, and hopeful messages in colorful chalk all over the quad. In a time when we are faced with the unknown, we feel motivated and inspired to do something to help our country move in a positive direction. We want to lessen the fear and find our own ways to make a difference. I’m proud that our campus encourages people not only to find their voice, but to find a positive one. In a time of so much hate and fear, it is important to remember that it is love that makes us human and keeps us moving forward.

​People on campus are coming together and discovering ways to take action for the betterment of our country. Events and groups are being organized so that we can speak out in these difficult times. One such event is the “Finding Hope in Dystopia Film Series.” This series is being presented by The Anarres Project for Alternative Futures, Allied Students for Another Politics!, and the Spring Creek Project. This film and discussion series aims to help bring out our radical imagination regarding possibilities for transformation in daunting times through classic dystopian movies. The event page states that “each film is presented as a starting point for discussion about the kinds of resistance, hope, and struggle that are available in the middle of despair.” The film series is already underway, but it isn’t too late to participate! Check the CLA event calendar to find out when the next showings are. This is a free event, and you can contact the Philosophy Department for more information.

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