LoganBy Logan Pedersen

Now that midterms are upon us, you might find it useful to try and de-stress every once in awhile by taking a break and venturing outside now that the weather has taking a turn for the better! This week, the orange and black city is scheduled hit high temps upward of 80 degrees!!! The countryside around Corvallis is perfect for exploring and enjoying nature, and there are numerous hiking trails and places to sight see in and around Corvallis that are relaxing, close by, and FREE!

One place fellow Beavers enjoy escaping away to is Mary’s Peak. This hike lets you truly experience all of the beauty Corvallis has to offer. At an elevation of 4,097 feet, your view can sometimes extend all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Range and down through the Willamette Valley. You’ll want to allot about a half a day for the trip, as the hike is approximately six miles long and of moderate difficulty. With summer rapidly approaching, wildflowers will also be starting to pop up in the meadows, and you can truly escape midterms (for a few hours at least) on this peaceful and remote trail! (Approx. 6 miles, half day)

If you’re looking for a quicker, yet equally tranquil hike, then I’d recommend checking out Bald Hill. This hike is less challenging then Mary’s Peak, but it still provides a nice view of Corvallis and the surrounding area. It’s a very friendly hike, and when I’ve hiked it in the past, I’ve come across many families and children on this hike. (Approx. 9 miles, 1-3 hours)

covered bridge

The Covered Bridge offers another appealing excursion for members of Beaver Nation, and it is conveniently located just a few miles from campus! If you hop on Campus Way and bike for about 20 minutes, before you know it you’ll find yourself under a piece of local history, a country-style old fashioned covered bridge perfect for an afternoon outing or a sunset with that special someone. This bridge is only open to foot traffic and bicyclers so get a group together and peddle out to see this fantastic part of the city. (Approx 2.3 miles, 1-3 hours)

This time of year can certainly be stressful, but I cannot encourage you enough to take a break every once in awhile and get off campus to explore the world around you. You’ll be amazed at how much a change of scenery can improve your outlook. Reconnect with what matters, and if you want, bring along your books and study materials and setup shop on a stump somewhere with a view!

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