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Hopefully this bright sunny weather has you excited for more fun times to come, especially this weekend for Moms & Family Weekend! This annual weekend celebration is full of great ways to get in a visit with your mom and family members. After finishing up Week 5 and likely a few midterms, I’m sure a break will be much appreciated. So check out some of the ways you can celebrate Moms Weekend!

The Memorial Union Program Council (MUPC) has created a Moms Weekend schedule with more opportunities than you can imagine when it comes to ways to enjoy your weekend with your family. I encourage you to check out the fully detailed schedule, as well as pass it along to your parents so you can determine which events you’d like to attend! Keep in mind that some events, like the Fashion Show and the Comedy Show are ticketed you might want to plan ahead and buy those tickets online. Other activities are free of charge, like the Art Festival and the 5k Fun Run/Walk, but it is still good to see which ones you plan on going to since many of these events (especially on Saturday) are overlapping.

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I love Moms Weekend because it gives me a chance to share some of my campus life with my mom. I think it’s safe to say our favorite part of Moms Weekend is the Art Festival. My mom and I love to wander the different booths and we almost never come out of there without some new kind of locally made lotion, candle, or decorative craft! A few of our other favorites include watching the various OSU performances in the MU Quad. Last year we plopped down on the grass and enjoyed a fantastic performance by OSU’s ballroom dance group “Cool Shoes.” Finally, one of the best ways I was able to share Moms Weekend with my mom was by having her join me in my Friday classes last year. There’s no better way to show your family what your professors, classrooms, peers, and courses are like, than to have them join you!

This weekend, I look forward to another great weekend with my mom and I hope you all are too! Get out there and enjoy some quality family time this Moms Weekend!

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