McKenzie Rossby Kenzie Ross

The potty, the pit-stop, the palace of the porcelain throne. They generally serve the same purpose, doing their duty as intended, yet some offer a more enjoyable ambiance than others. And personally, I prefer to make my bladder gladder in an environment I find delightful.

So what’s the criteria for an A+ public restroom? It must be clean, well-lit, and vacant. Also, a little entertainment never hurt. I’m sure there are several bathrooms on campus that meet these requirements, but only one rises above the rest.

So where’s this magical bathroom I speak of? None other than than the Wiz-Palace of Moreland Hall. Sunlit, beautiful tiling, and fantastic bathroom graffiti. I know, I know, vandalism, scary right? Not this time. The graffiti is actually what makes this bathroom the best. This potty-talk, so to speak, is uplifting, body positive, and supportive. It says things like “you’re beautiful,” “you determine how you feel,” or “every day you wear running shoes is a good day.” We all have rough moments, and finding positivity in unexpected places is encouraging.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this type of graffiti is in a Liberal Arts building. To me, these kind words are a reflection of our greater Liberal Arts family. We’re supportive of one another, and we’re always striving to be better. It’s also a testimony to our social-consciousness. As we learn repeatedly in our studies, we’re not only connected as liberal arts students but also to the world at large. We’re able to recognize how personal experience serves to better both ourselves and our communities. Finally, we’re always keeping in mind how our actions and words affect others. I believe that these attributes are something that we will carry with us long after graduation.

So, I must admit, the Moreland bathroom is my favorite because it reminds me just how lucky I am to be a part of Liberal Arts at OSU.

Bathroom Break!

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