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In case you didn’t already know, Oregon State University’s University Honors College (UHC) is currently accepting applications! There is an opportunity for you to apply if you are a prospective student (currently in high school), a current student (currently at OSU), or a prospective transfer student (currently at a different institution but planning to transfer to OSU). The UHC accepts applications on a yearly basis—so this is your chance.

As a College of Liberal Arts student, I am so glad to have been a part of the UHC these past four years. Oregon State and the College of Liberal Arts already offer so many great opportunities, and the UHC helps enhance and multiply your chances to enrich your studies at OSU. Whether you are looking for additional research opportunities and experience; smaller, interactive, and discussion-based courses; or a community of like-minded high-achieving students…you can find it all in the UHC!

In my experience as a UHC student, I have taken intriguing courses (typically capped between 12-20 students) that have counted towards my bacc core, majors, minors, and general elective requirements. I’ve lived in the Honors Living-Learning Community (currently West Hall). Recently, I completed and defended my undergraduate Honors/International Degree thesis with the support of my mentor and committee members. The UHC has also supported me in my study abroad endeavors to Angers, France (Summer 2013) and London, England (Summer 2014 – a program specifically designed for College of Liberal Arts students!). Finally, but certainly not least, I have become a part of the UHC community and have met so many wonderful peers, professors, and professional staff during my time at OSU.

If you’re ready to start your own UHC story, be sure to check out the application timeline and apply for Fall 2015. If you are a current OSU or transfer student, be sure to apply prior to March 15th and plan on hearing back from the UHC around April 30th. If you are a first-year applicant, the final deadline is quickly approaching so get your application in by February 1st and decisions will be made by March 31st. Remember, no matter what kind of applicant you are, you need to respond to the UHC Application Essay Question—so don’t delay in getting started!

Still not sure if the UHC is right for you? I encourage you to explore their website and even better…plan a visit! To learn more about the UHC and/or the application process, you can also check out their Application FAQ page or contact the UHC directly by calling 541-737-6400 or emailing You could even email a UHC Student Ambassador, such as myself, to learn more about the UHC from a student’s perspective. Best of luck and keep up the good work!


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