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My roommate recently took me to The Beanery off 2nd street in downtown Corvallis. I had never been before but it is the quaintest of quaint places. It’s quirky, eclectic and seems to be underestimated. I love that it is a little out of the way of the big, university campus feel, not crammed to the rim full of studying students, or blaring with so much chatter and loud music. It feels “Portland-y.” It’s a place that takes you out of the same routine of Starbucks, Dutch Bros, or the all too traditional library. Although I do love those places and go frequently, I just like to have that one extra place to escape.

One of my favorite parts is the just right, lower lights; they’re not too dim but they’re not so bright that while you’re reading your textbook the ink is glaring back at you. The coffee mugs make me think of the typical grandpa reading the newspaper sipping on his coffee. (Side note: my grandpa doesn’t actually drink coffee, so I’m not speaking from personal experience, but we’ve all seen those cute, typical family breakfast scenes in the movies.) It’s a homey place.

Now keep in mind, everyone will have their own opinion of The Beanery on 2nd street and it may not suit all but if you feel the same as I do, then you’ve found your spot – don’t let it go. I  hope now my favorite escape doesn’t become the most popular in Corvallis after sharing how lovely I think it is – not saying my opinion is the ruler but I think it’s pretty fantastic. There is also The Beanery on Circle Boulevard, and 26th street on Monroe. So, if 2nd street isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then maybe give the others a try.

I think one key to most success is finding that one spot to settle in and do some serious studying, but where also love the food or coffee they have to offer. It may take some time to find your perfect spot. It may not be a coffee shop. It’s wherever you feel like you can get out of your head and busy life for just a bit. With all of that said I hope I have inspired you to look for some cool places to study or relax.

So good luck, and my best hopes you find your spot!

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