Week 2: Start!

This week our projects were assigned, along with our teams, and I am very excited to be apart of the All The Farms project! Being the first time working together our group had to work out some problems such as with scheduled times. Working through that, we met up as a group to discuss what types of tools and expectations we will have moving forward. Our group discussion with Jim from All The Farms was great for planning, and gathering information what was desired for the project. Near the end of the meeting I personally was also able to ask some clarifying questions with the remaining time. The answers overall were very helpful for understanding the full scope of the task. I also discovered with our group that we would be working with Trello, something I previously read about, it is a free Kanban type of task organizational software product. With the top priority tasks from the left on cards, stacked downwards, and to the right in that order for priority. Additionally we plan to use Github for collaborating on the code solution, with features of forks, and bug reporting. Other types of communication platforms we may use also include Slack, Discord, and Google. There is no direct ethical dilemma noted this week, the project is overall positioned well in ethical terms, and I do not see any upcoming problems in the foreseeable future. As long as communication is managed well week to week, then we should continue to make incremental progress towards our goal, and in the end return a successful product for this project. We were also able to successfully get scheduled to meet weekly for the project at an agreed time which went well this week. For next week I am excited to get into Shopify’s language for templates Liquid and how we may create this project to completion from a technical perspective.

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