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My name is Arman, I am a senior at Oregon State University, and I am starting this year long project with class CS 461 this fall term online with my professor Bill Pfeil.

I am excited to get started with this long term project, and I am ready to make it a success! I started programming just before college with some web development, which lead to working with a small business owner explore website options for their business, and ended great with myself wanting to learn more. Learning programming, and computer science overall has been a difficult struggle, although worth it. Additionally, learning about finance is also an interest of mine, where clubs out side of class provided content, and I would be happy to work with a project of that type. I have also been able to learn from this internship where I worked on developing additional scheduling features to their bare-metal backup server system. From that I’ve also decided that I would like to focus on the mobile software development track, and I am excited to learn more in these upcoming terms! Additionally just this previous term, I successfully completed the mobile development class focusing on Flutter, dart, and overall I enjoyed working with Flutter for mobile applications. This term I am learning computer graphics with the GLUT library types, and I hope to use what I learn to help me with learning shading with the GLSL library.

When looking through the senior capstone projects I first filtered through projects that are relevant to my mobile application focus. Projects with specifications for using Flutter or Dart in their development generally were put above other types as it currently is my preference for mobile development. After selecting the mobile application projects I went to projects that sparked my interest over the project idea, or plans! I am excited to meet my group members and I hope this all gets off to a great start.

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