The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, Environmental Public Health section in Portland, OR is seeking an Environmental and Occupational Health Program Coordinator to coordinate the day-to-day functions of Environmental Public Health programs, with specific focus on the Pesticide Exposure Safety & Tracking (PEST) and the Occupational Public Health Program (OPHP) programs.

What will you do?
You will collaborate with Pesticide Analytic & Response Center (PARC) staff, co-chairs, and board members. You will provide analysis of PEST data on the health impact of pesticide poisoning on Oregonians for Oregon residents, PARC and policy-makers. You will collaborate with Oregon Public Health Program (OPHP) partners on occupational public health surveillance, research and outreach activities. You will coordinate with health care providers, migrant worker clinics and organizations to increase the reporting of pesticide related illness and injury in Oregon. You will prepare and make presentations on program data, supplemental studies and secondary information sources. You will respond to inquiries and communicate program information to the public, policymakers, NGOs, granting agencies, and internal and external partners including the National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), EPA, regulatory agencies and reporting healthcare providers.


You will coordinate development and maintenance of the cooperative agreements and program activities. You will develop and maintain project policy, SOP’s, and manuals. You will develop and monitor program budgets and make adjustments to meet changing priorities. You will evaluate the progress of the program to ensure objectives are fulfilled and action items are carried out. You will participate in writing proposals for new grants, prepare budgets, and ensure that grant proposals are submitted on time and in accordance with published guidelines. You will identify and determine the allocation of resources needed to accomplish program goals. You will ensure the establishment and/or amendment of contracts for program services and staffing, as needed.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Public Administration, Behavioral or Social Sciences, or a degree related to Public Health, Environmental Health or Natural Resources; AND two years experience coordinating or administering a program related to Public Health, Environmental Health or Natural Resources.


Any combination of experience or education equivalent to five years of experience coordinating or administering a program related to Public Health, Environmental Health or Natural Resources.

The following skills, knowledge, abilities and experience are desired at the time of hire:

  • Bi-lingual English/Spanish speaker with the ability to read and write in both languages highly preferred.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of project management including planning, organizing, directing, motivating, controlling and decision-making.
  • Understanding of the community and populations served by the scope of the programs.
  • Understanding of budget processes, budget management, contractual agreements, and procurement procedures; desired that this knowledge be specific to agency and division practice.
  • Understanding of legislative processes and procedures relevant to the agency and to categorically funded programs.
  • Understanding of Oregon Administrative Rules and rules applying to confidentiality of data for public health special studies.
  • Understanding natural resource and public health protection programs at the federal, state, and local government levels.
  • Use of a personal computer and software as appropriate to Environmental Public Health programs.
  • Ability to write clear, concise and direct narrative and data reports.
  • Ability to prioritize program tasks and meet program deadlines.
  • Good communication skills for establishing and maintaining harmonious working relationships with internal and external partners.
  • Ability to communicate program technical information effectively to individuals and groups.
  • Understanding of basic principles of risk communication.
  • Ability to develop scientifically accurate and understandable public health outreach and education materials.
  • Knowledge of web site design and maintenance is desirable.
  • Experience in promoting a culturally competent and diverse work environment.



Please visit the following link to complete the online application:



Cyndi Phipps-Roman


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