The Environmental Health Director works under the direction of the City Chief Operations Officer. The Director manages and oversees a wide range of programs and activities within the Environmental Health Department.

The Department has an annual budget of approximately $8 million and 76 full-time positions. The Environmental Health Department is responsible for promoting and protecting public health, by preventing disease, and by preserving the integrity and quality of our environment through sustainable management and responsible stewardship.

Department programs include Consumer Health Protection (noise permitting, pool and food safety and inspection and epidemiology), Environmental Services (landfill remediation and groundwater monitoring), Urban biology (mosquito control, bed bugs, rodent borne disease and urban wildlife), Air Quality Programs (permitting, monitoring, enforcement and vehicle pollution) and Sustainability and Resilience efforts. The Director is responsible for:

  1. advancing efforts to improve environmental health and safety, including implementing short-term and long-range strategic plans, departmental goals, objectives, policies and priorities;
  2. developing and administering the department budget, recommending and approving expenditures and implementing adjustments as necessary;
  3. monitoring the Department’s performance;
  4. overseeing operations, financial matters and personnel;
  5. responding to complaints, investigations and environmental remediation;
  6. overseeing activities related to public information, planning, standards and compliance, regulation review and development, enforcement, inspection; surveillance, and analysis;
  7. working with local, state and federal agencies to provide related public services;
  8. collaborating with interested stakeholders and the general public on environmental health issues; and
  9. promoting the quality of our environment through sustainable resource management and responsible stewardship.
City of Albuquerque
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Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87103

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