Reflecting on A Year of Growth: The 2022-23 CTL Fellows Program Annual Report

The 2022-23 academic year marked a milestone for the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Fellows Program, representing the first full academic year the program operated with CTL Fellows! The program flourished, taking thoughtful approaches to cultivating cultures of teaching and learning within the participating colleges, responding to just-in-time teaching topics, and working with college administrators in strategic planning.

Innovative, Just-In-Time, College-Specific Approaches to Professional Development

In 2022-23, the CTL Fellows Program collaborated with seven CTL Fellows within the Colleges of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences; Engineering; Science, and OSU Cascades. 

  • The CTL Fellows facilitated 31 workshops/events, drawing in over 215 attendees.  Events ranged from informal teaching talk coffee hours to workshops responsive of identified faculty teaching needs. 
  • Other examples of CTL Fellows activities include 75 one-on-one individual teaching consultations, piloting a peer mentoring program; DEI development work; collaborative strategic teaching and learning planning with college administration; college-wide teaching and learning needs assessments; development of student feedback evaluations and more!

Program efforts address just-in-time teaching topics, inclusive teaching methodologies, one-on-one consultations, community building around teaching and learning, strategic planning, etc. – All underscoring the program’s commitment to educational excellence, and teaching faculty and student success within the colleges.

CTL Fellows Program Assistant Director – Cheridy Aduviri

Program Highlights

  • Tailored Strategies: Each college CTL Fellow cohort crafted mini needs assessments and action plans, addressing college-specific teaching and learning needs and opportunities. 
  • Collaborations: The CTL Fellows Assistant Director and the CTL Fellows engaged in collaborative, strategic planning meetings regarding teaching and learning with college administrators to identify pathways forward in several colleges. The program also continued its strong collaboration between program partners in CTL, Academic Technologies, Ecampus.
  • Generative AI: The program’s responsive focus to integrating generative AI included events that attracted over 100 attendees and showcased its adaptability and future-forward approach to tackling just-in-time teaching and learning topics.
  • Spring Showcase: The 2022-23 CTL Fellows showcased their work and followed it with a dynamic discussion. Don’t miss the highlights of their showcase, which provides specific examples and testimonials of their work!

Reflections of Success and Looking Forward to Advancements

The CTL Fellows Program’s 2022-23 success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all involved. The focus on bridging college teaching faculty needs with centralized support resources shows great potential.

As we celebrate a year of successes, we also anticipate future advancements. (Meet the 2023-24 CTL Fellows and read about their action plan goals!) The program’s growing partnerships and foundational strengths promise continued impact and support to colleges as they tackle the 2024-30 university strategic plan. For a more in-depth understanding of the program journey and achievements, view the 2022-23 CTL Fellows 2nd Annual Program Report. 

Colleges wanting to strengthen teaching and learning in their college by joining the program can reach out to the CTL Fellows Program Assistant Director today!