Presenting the 2022 Center for Teaching and Learning Fellows Program Showcase Recording

The 2022 Center for Teaching and Learning Fellows delivered an outstanding presentation June 1st, 2022. Watch it here! Gain an overview of their efforts and the program’s impact.


  • Welcome: Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Senior Vice Provost (min. 0)
  • CTL Fellows Program Overview: Cheridy Aduviri, CTL Fellows Program Coordinator (min. 1:38)
  • College of Engineering: Adam Lambert, CTL Fellow (min. 10:45)
  • OSU Cascades: Scott Geddes and David Engel, CTL Fellows (min. 19:01)
  • College of Science: Samantha McGee and Devon Quick, CTL Fellows (min. 26:57)
  • College of Agriculture Sciences: Yvette Gibson, CTL Fellow (min. 36:46)
  • Concluding thoughts: Regan Gurung, Associate Vice Provost and CTL Executive Director (min. 49:10)

Thank you for your dedication 2022 CTL Fellows!

Want to become involved in the CTL Fellows Program?

Contact the CTL Fellows Program Coordinator, Cheridy Aduviri to learn how your college can become involved.