Our Story

The Center for Teaching and Learning Fellows Program is bridging centralized faculty support unit efforts and college specific teaching faculty needs via CTL Fellows in the colleges. Gain an overview of the program’s history, vision, mission, partnerships, goals, and general examples of CTL Fellows’ action plans in this brief presentation.


The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Fellows Program is building from the success of the Peer Teaching & Resources Program piloted 2020-’21 and from the work of our 2021-22 CTL Fellows.


To spark excitement and success in teaching and learning by cultivating cultures of practice within OSU colleges; sharing blended, flexible course design, and evidence-based pedagogy resources; building blended spaces for teaching faculty to learn and thrive; and sustaining this spark through Center for Teaching and Learning Fellows in colleges.


The CTL Fellows Program provides quality, college-specific pedagogical support to teaching faculty via partnerships with OSU centralized faculty support units and through the development of CTL Fellows who bridge centralized efforts and college-specific teaching faculty needs, paving the way for teaching excellence and student success.


In order to achieve our mission and program goals, partnerships are facilitated by the CTL Fellows Program Coordinator and include collaborations between the following: CTL Fellows; faculty support unit program partners, such as the CTL, Academic Technologies, Ecampus; and participating college administrators.

Program Goals

The CTL Fellows Program aims to meet the following program goals: 

Program Goal 1Offer college-specific teaching support by guiding CTL Fellows in their college/academic unit action plans, which include an area of focus related to one or more needs of teaching faculty.

The program will offer college-specific teaching support by providing structure and guidance to CTL Fellows as they identify an area of focus related to teaching faculty needs in their college/academic unit, and then create, implement, and evaluate a well-defined academic year action plan pairing the identified focus and needs with program initiatives, existing program partner resources, and the CTL Fellow’s interests. 

Program Goal 2 Build sustainable program initiatives related to a) blended evidence-based teaching and learning pedagogy; and b) cultivating cultures of teaching and learning within colleges/academic units

The program will build sustainable program initiatives that a) connect teaching faculty with blended, flexible course design, evidence-based pedagogy resources; and b) build blended spaces where teaching faculty within a college/academic unit meet to learn and energize their teaching practices. Generative AI in teaching and learning will be embedded within program work given it is a related timely topic.

Program Goal 3Bridge between college teaching faculty needs and centralized faculty support unit program partner resources and expertise

The program will facilitate a) communication and the sharing of existing resources between centralized faculty support units such as CTL, Academic Technologies, and Ecampus, and colleges; and b) the identification and creation of new resources as needs/gaps are identified.