Meet the 2022-23 College of Engineering CTL Fellows

Shane Brown and Adam Lambert are the 2022-23 CTL Fellows in the College of Engineering (COE). In 2022, Adam and CTL conducted a comprehensive teaching and learning needs assessment in COE which included interviews with COE administration and teaching faculty, as well as an all-college survey. This resulted in a 2022 Needs Assessment Recommendation Report.

COE CTL Fellows Shane Brown and Adam Lambert photos

COE CTL Fellows’ 2022-23 Goals

In their CTL Fellow roles, Shane and Adam are using the 2022 Needs Assessment Recommendation Report to guide their plans. They have the following four overarching goals:

  • Goal 1: In collaboration with administration, create a Long-Term COE Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan document which aligns with the 2022 Report and encompasses the vision to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement of teaching in the COE.
  • Goal 2: Pilot a new faculty peer mentoring program, and build on the pilot experience to propose a roll-out plan for a comprehensive, sustainable new faculty mentoring program.
  • Goal 3: Pilot COE professional development workshops to meet some of the just-in-time needs & topics identified in the 2022 Report. Potentially, build on this experience and enfold it into a comprehensive, sustainable new faculty on-boarding program.
  • Goal 4: Work with the COE Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and the Director of Engineering+ on an as-requested-basis in addressing just-in-time teaching and learning needs.

Thanks to Shane, Adam, and the COE administration for their work towards creating and meeting these goals!