Meet the 2021-’22 OSU-Cascades CTL Fellows

Cascades CTL Fellows David Engel & Scott Geddes

Cascades CTL Fellows David Engel and Scott Geddes photo

David Engel and Scott Geddes serve in the Cascades Faculty Success Center (FSC). The FSC is the first point of contact for all OSU-Cascades Faculty for academic, pedagogical, and professional questions. The goal of the FSC is to maximize the impact each faculty member has by connecting them to the resources available to the entire OSU community and providing the support they need.

OSU-Cascades CTL Fellows’ 2022 Goals

In their CTL Fellow roles, David and Scott have three overarching goals in alignment with their FSC work.

  • Goal 1: Increase the visibility and accessibility of the Cascades Faculty Success Center.
  • Goal 2: Explore the CTL Fellows program partner resources in Academic Technologies, CTL, and Ecampus; build relationships with these units; and create pathways in sharing the expertise, programming, and resources these units provide in relationship to the FSC goals and Cascades faculty needs.
  • Goal 3: As relationships are built and understanding of current resources and faculty needs are identified, participate in collaboration with the CTL Fellows Program Coordinator, program partners, and/or other CTL Fellows in “repackaging” resources and/or creating resources to fill gaps.

Engage with David and Scott

OSU-Cascades faculty, keep your eyes open for useful email abstracts from David and Scott! If you have any questions or want to connect, send an email to