Meet the 2021-’22 College of Agriculture Sciences CTL Fellow

CAS CTL Fellow – Yvette Gibson

Yvett Gibson CAS CTL Fellow photo

Yvette Gibson is the 2021-’22 CTL Fellow in the College of Agriculture Sciences (CAS). She served in a similar capacity in 2020-’21

CAS CTL Fellow’s 2022 Goal

In her CTL Fellow role, Yvette has the following overarching 2022 goal:

  • Goal: Increase teaching and learning thinking and engagement among College of Agriculture teaching faculty.

Engage in Teaching and Learning Opportunities

CAS teaching faculty, check your email for Yvette’s thoughtful Sparkmails. They highlight opportunities to engage with your colleagues in CAS Spark Shops; contain quick, fun ways to check your knowledge on neuromyths and learning fallacies on the CAS Spark Site; and more. Check out Yvette’s short Spring Spark Shops teaser video below.

Click to access CAS Sparkshops promo video