Meet the 2021-’22 College of Science CTL Fellows

COS CTL Fellows Samantha McGee and Devon Quick photos

Samantha McGee and Devon Quick are the 2021-’22 CTL Fellows in the College of Science. Their CTL Fellows’ focus is on teaching faculty in the Learning Assistant (LA) Program

COS CTL Fellows’ 2022 Goals

In their CTL Fellow roles, Samantha and Devon have the following 2022 overarching goals:

  • Goal 1: To increase implementation of best practices in active learning classrooms by hosting a workshop for teaching faculty about working with Learning Assistants (LAs), setting up classrooms/courses for working with LAs, and creating conditions needed in class for student success.
  • Goal 2: Adopt LA Campus for use in planning for the Fall.
  • Goal 3: Promote the program through an updated Learning Assistant Program website.

Stay Updated on Progress

COS teaching faculty involved in the Learning Assistant Program, stay tuned for updates on Samantha and Devon’s progress.