Meet the Center for Teaching and Learning Fellows Program Partners in Academic Technologies, CTL, & Ecampus

One of the strengths of the OSU Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Fellows Program is its partnerships with centralized teaching support units. When an OSU college collaborates with the CTL Fellows program, it not only partners with the knowledgeable faculty in the CTL, where the program is housed, but with program partners, such as Academic Technologies and Ecampus. Given the wealth of knowledge of the faculty in these units, college teaching faculty gain easy access to pedagogical and technology experts and resources via the CTL Fellows Program. Get to know these units and their teams.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Team

Who keeps the spark of teaching innovation alive? Your OSU Center for Teaching and Learning Team! Aspiring to meet their mission to inspire, cultivate, and celebrate teaching excellence, the team is here for teaching faculty. Browse the CTL website, including its resources in guidance for AI, assessment, blended learning, course design, inclusive teaching, and instructional methods. Attend one of a variety of events such as a 20 minute Sparkshop or a 50 minute Quality Teaching Talk. Build community via a faculty learning community, Mutual Mentors, or a book club. Reach out to your college’s CTL Fellow to tailor events to your academic unit. Want a one-on-one pedagogical consult? Contact Tap into CTL’s resources today!

Meet the Center for Teaching and Learning Team
Center for Teaching and Learning Team: Regan Gurung, Brooke Howland, Cheridy Aduviri, Kara Clevinger, Funmi Amobi, Cub Kahn, Jeana Towns, Emma Larkins

The Academic Technologies Team

If you have ever submitted a request to receive technology assistance or emailed, chances are good you’ve received top-notch service from the Academic Technologies (AT) team! Explore the Learn@Oregonstate tech tools, including Canvas, Kaltura, TopHat, and more. Search the knowledge base. Follow the Academic Technologies blog for the latest updates.

OSU Media Hub, also partnering with the CTL Fellows program, supports the creation and delivery of instructional media to enrich teaching and learning. The Media Hub provides consulting services, technology support, and simple DIY recording studios for instructors using media to achieve their learning objectives. Explore their resources for faculty, staff and students.

Academic Technologies Team: Learn@OSU – Lynn Greenough, Tasha Biesenger, Raul Burriel, Weiwei Zhang. Media Hub – Teresa Preddy, Jake Wehrman

The Ecampus Faculty Development and Training Team

The award winning OSU Ecampus is supported by an amazing faculty development & training team, who partner with the CTL Fellows program. They provide technical and pedagogical support for all Ecampus courses. Training and ongoing professional development for new and returning Ecampus faculty are available; find details on the Ecampus Faculty Development website or contact Search the Online Learning Efficacy Research Database and subscribe to Ecampus Course Development & Training Blog.

Meet the Ecampus Faculty Development & Training Faculty
Ecampus Faculty Development & Training Team: Katherine McAlvage, Cub Kahn, Melanie Kroenig and Angelique Pearson

Connect with your College’s CTL Fellow

CTL Fellows serve as liaisons with the centralized teaching support units outlined above. Reach out to your Colleges’ CTL Fellow(s) today. Contact the program Assistant Director to explore how your college can participate in the program.