Timely Teaching Tips: Resources to Bolster Students’ Study Strategies – Weeks 7 + 8 Spring 2023

It only takes a few minutes to share useful study strategies with your students!

Students do not always come into your class with developed study skills and strategies. The Academic Success Center has created a range of supplemental guides and resources that you can integrate into your course without taking time away from your class plans. With a little nudge, you can help your students build skills that will benefit them in your course and into the future.

Active Recall as a Test Preparation Strategy

Are your students preparing for an exam? Remind them of the difference between memorizing and practicing active recall. Practicing recall helps students become comfortable using content knowledge under test-like conditions and develops metacognitive skills and memory cues they can use in exams. The Academic Success Center’s Active Studying worksheet gives students several options for getting started.

Study Cycle Fillable PDF

Wish to help students plan a strategic approach to learning in your course? Share and discuss the Academic Success Center’s Study Cycle with students to increase transparency around what it takes to be successful in your course. Take time in class or use a Canvas discussion board to fill it out (page 2 is a fillable PDF).

Effective Test Preparation Strategies

Distributed practice and self-testing are two effective strategies for spacing out learning and promoting long-term memory formation and retention. Share these strategies using the Academic Success Center’s Effective Test Prep page. Making time in class to talk about these two strategies and giving students time to map out a study schedule can encourage planning in advance of finals.

Using Bell Ringers to Focus Students at the Start of Class

Looking for approaches to help your students learn? Consider posting one of Academic Success Center’s bell ringers and PPT slides with success strategies at the start of class or in a weekly announcement. A quick conversation about the bell-ringer topic with a partner can be a great way for students to plan how they’ll use success strategies during the term.

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Additional Timely Events & Resources!

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Timely Teaching Tips Series

Find these tips useful? There are more! In this series of blog posts, useful tips roll out every two to three weeks of the term. These tips draw from the short, just-in-time tips that have appeared in the OSU Today since 2020. They are a result of the collaborative efforts between the Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technologies, along with the support from Ecampus, the Academic Success Center, OSU Libraries, University Relations and Marketing, and others.

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