Timely Teaching Tips: Grading Resources – Weeks 9 + 10 + Finals Spring 2023

Ease end-of-the-term grading!

This post’s tips offer a range of grading strategies and tools to help you grade efficiently and effectively.

Improving Grading Efficiency

Looking for ways to increase the efficiency and consistency of the grading process? Try attaching a Canvas rubric to Canvas assignments, quizzes, and discussions.

Canvas Grading Resources

Getting ready to grade? Canvas SpeedGrader can be used to grade student work submitted through Canvas. If you wish to hide grades from students while you are grading, see hiding and posting grades in Canvas.


Looking for an alternative to Scantron this term? Gradescope’s bubble sheet feature allows you to scan student answers for automatic grading according to an answer key you provide. Gradescope is integrated with OSU Canvas, and this allows you to send grades from Gradescope to the Canvas gradebook. Learn more about Gradescope and how to get started.

Submitting Grades + Incomplete Grades FYI

Need to learn more about the specifics of incomplete grades or about submitting grades? Review the OSU Incomplete Grade Policy and the guide for providing Canvas course access to students resolving an incomplete. For general guidance, see Final Grades Submission.

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Additional Timely Events & Resources!

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Timely Teaching Tips Series

Find these tips useful? There are more! In this series of blog posts, useful tips roll out every two to three weeks of the term. These tips draw from the short, just-in-time tips that have appeared in the OSU Today since 2020. They are a result of the collaborative efforts between the Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technologies, along with the support from Ecampus, the Academic Success Center, OSU Libraries, University Relations and Marketing, and others.

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