Decolonizing Native Space. A story map that explores Indigenous spatiality and the potentials and limitations of GIS to represent decolonized understandings of our world.

Maps as Tools, Symbols, Narratives. A story map that examines the history of mapping in Canada including the emergence of Indigenous counter-mapping.

Introduction to Environmental Justice Story Map. A story map produced by the Environmental Council of the States with key definitions and examples to introduce students to the concept of environmental justice.

The Lines the Shape Our Cities. A story map that connects present-day environmental inequalities to redlining policies of the 1930s.

Environment and Race. Story map about dry cleaning and environmental justice in Indianapolis.

Visualizing Violations of Environmental Justice. Story map of spatial inequalities of health and pollution exposure in Southwest Detroit.

Clearing the Air in the Historic West End. Story map of citizen science and environmental justice in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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