Decolonizing Native Space. A story map that explores Indigenous spatiality and the potentials and limitations of GIS to represent decolonized understandings of our world.

Maps as Tools, Symbols, Narratives. A story map that examines the history of mapping in Canada including the emergence of Indigenous counter-mapping.

Decolonizing Conservation Reading List. Decolonizing conservation means that non-Indigenous scientists must step back and let Indigenous peoples take the lead, and our conservation work must be done to support that leadership. 

Pacific Worlds Syllabi Project. Indigenous-focused curricular materials for the study of comparative Pacific Island culture and geography.

Native Space: Geographic Strategies to Unsettle Settler Colonialism. This book explores how Indigenous communities and individuals sustain and create geographies through place-naming, everyday cultural practices, and artistic activism, within the boundaries of the settler colonial nation of the United States. 

Settler Colonialism. Definitions in the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography.

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