• Explain redlining and how it has impacted different social groups
  • Explain the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation and how it pertains to redlining and mortgages
  • Give examples of how these past practices impact people today

Three Resources:

Discussion Board:

Initial post is due Wednesday. One reply is due by Friday and the final reply is due Sunday. You must also reply to classmates’ who have written you a response, although you are not required to reply to any responses made to you on Sunday.

Explain how redlining is still impacting communities today. Draft an argument on how you would combat contemporary impacts of redlining. Make sure to include how you would work with mortgage companies, plan for development in less desirable areas, etc. For example, adding a STEM program to a local high school to allow for people in the area to receive a better education, which in turn would impact x, y, z.

Include something new/interesting you learned from the interactive maps.

Reply to someone’s article. Try to give them something they might want to put in their op-ed assignment or ask a question to allow them to discuss in their op ed.


Open Sunday closes 10 days after.

Find your own resource about redlining and summarize it by writing a one page Op-Ed. Be sure to include the intended audience, the message, and any positive or negative feedback/opinions you have. Please cite your sources. Post your article in the discussion board as well.

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