Learning Outcomes:

  • Give at least three examples of what geographic research tells us about Covid-19
  • Describe the geographic and social unevenness of Covid-19
  • Identify at least three reasons for the uneven impacts of Covid-19
  • Explain what an equitable response to Covid-19 would look like

Learning Materials:


All four of these resources come at COVID from different angles. This is a two-week assignment.

Week 1: Read and listen to the material. Write down three new facts you’ve learned from each resource. Submit notes to an assignment portal. Plan a time to meet with your group during week 1

Week 1 group meeting: As a group you are tasked to create a presentation based on the learning materials. This is very open ended, but will have a few guidelines.

  • Everyone must contribute
  • Project must be longer than 8 minutes
  • You need to include all four assigned sources plus 2-3 additional sources
  • The project must be creative and MUST have a voice aspect. Powerpoints and storymaps without a voiceover aren’t sufficient. Be sure every member of the group speaks in the end project. 
  • A few ideas to talk about in your project
    • The racial inequity in COVID care
    • The gender and racial inequities in at-home caretaking
    • How Covid can spur new forms of social change
    • Etc
  • Pick a prompt and stick with it

Week 2: Polish up your projects. By Thursday of week two you need to submit your presentation to the discussion board.

By Sunday, review one other group’s project. Give them feedback on things they might want to add, elaborate on, etc.

Have fun. This is an open ended project intended to draw upon different creative aspects of your groups. There are no wrong answers. Post any questions to the Q&A forum or email the instructor.

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