Death in Black and White. Coronavirus care is unequal. Some disproportionally black counties in Georgia have 20 times more infection than predominantly white ones. This story map explores what’s behind the racial divide in healthcare.

A changing sense of place: Geography and Covid-19. This article explains how geographical ideas relating to place and mobility can help us make sense of our current situation and consider what we might be feeling. These geographical ideas also provide us with important political tools to identify the new forms of inequality and hardship that are unfolding, prompting questions about how we should collectively respond to shape the future of place.

Geographies of the Covid-19 pandemic. This article serves as an introduction to a special issue including 42 commentaries on the geographies of the COVID-19 pandemic. Collectively, the 42 contributions in the special issue highlight the diverse theoretical perspectives, methodological approaches, and thematic foci that geographical scholarship can offer to better understand the uneven geographies of the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Abolition in the time of Covid-19. This blog post examines the disproportionate harm caused by Covid-19 in the U.S. South as a result of new forms of plantation economies and carceral geographies.

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