Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the difference between structural and individual racism
  • Describe examples of structural racism in the U.S. and the impacts on communities of color

Learning Materials:

Discussion Board:

Your task this week is to use ArcGIS Story Map to document a short case study of how structural racism has impacted an urban community of color in the U.S. Include dates, location, any information you can find on past practices, how it impacted people, how the impacts endure, etc. Post your story map to the discussion board by Thursday night.

Once you have posted your story map, read and reply to two peoples story maps. When responding to the story map be creative. Vague posts such as the following will not get credit: “I really thought you brought together a lot of key points and can’t believe they did this in Chicago!” I want to know that you engaged in the material. Ask questions, give scenarios, tie it into your post, etc. Be intentional and reply to people that reply to you if they post before Saturday 1200PST.

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