Though geography is supposed to be a holistic approach to studying the world’s environmental and social characteristics, geography curriculum in the U.S. has long told only select stories. Complicit with military expansion and colonization, silent on racism and sexism, and dominated by white, Anglo-American histories, geography’s exclusions must be contended with. In response to these realities, calls to transform geography curriculum are proliferating (Daigle and Sundberg 2017; Domosh 2015; Esson 2018; Esson and Last 2019; Hamilton 2020; Jazeel 2017).

This site gathers resources with the aim of supporting the transformation of geography curriculum. The materials gathered here can be used across the breadth of geography to teach students how geography intersects with gender exclusion, structural racism, environmental and climate (in)justice, and activism and social change.


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This site was developed through collaborative efforts and reflects the work done by all those listed here:

Wauren Ochs

Wauren is an OSU Alumni who holds a BS in Geography and Geospatial Sciences. Her research interests include geography education, cultural geography, feminist geography and geographies of race. She is currently pursuing a Masters at Ohio University.

Kelsey Emard

Kelsey is an Instructor and Assistant Professor (Sr Res) of Geography at Oregon State University. She works in the fields of political ecology and environmental justice (see more).


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