Social geography I: Intersectionality (Peter Hopkins, 2017, Progress in Human Geography). Article discusses how geography could adopt a more sensitive interdisciplinary approach to intersectionality that acknowledges more clearly the role of black feminism in its development. The article also defines intersectionality and seems to focus on it quite a bit.

Social Geography 2: Committing to Social Justice. Article in Progress in Human Geography that appraises debates about social justice in geography.

Geography and Race/Racism. An introductory article to a collection of think pieces on the topic in The Professional Geographer.

Mapping and making gangland: A legacy of redlining and enjoining gang neighbourhoods in Los Angeles. An article in Urban Studies that uses two case studies from Los Angeles to demonstrate that it is overwhelmingly redlined neighbourhoods that have remained marginalised, becoming civilly enjoined ‘gang’ neighbourhoods faced with oppressive anti-gang policing tactics over the past few decades.

The Professional Geographer, Special Issue on Geography and Race/Racism (2004). This introduction provides a brief background summary of the social and disciplinary context for the workshop and for scholarly work on race and geography, and a brief summary and thematic categorization of the individual essays in the article.

Progress in Human Geography. Websource of different articles in regards to the progress in human geography

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