Reftool Usability Improvements

Hello team!

We have a number of usability improvements to Reftool going live this week. Please see below for complete details:

Improved Readability for Small Windows

Previously, resizing the window to certain sizes led to both attribute labels and attribute values being cut off like so:

Cut off

Furthermore, only the attribute values were expandable. This behavior has now been changed so that longer strings for both  attribute labels and attribute values will carry over to the next line by default. We have also added the ability to contract and expand attribute labels and a larger subset of attribute values via clicking. Note that attribute labels expand and contract as a group, whereas the values remain individually manipulable.

fully visible

‘View LDAP’ Button in Account Details

Following up on the changes to the ‘View LDAP Entry’  button in the last set of Reftool updates, we have added a second copy of this button to the ‘Account Details’ block.

new LDAP button

This is intended to increase visibility of this feature in Reftool.  Note that clicking this button will also move you down the page to the LDAP info display section.

Bug Fix

Lastly, we have identified and fixed a bug involving the display of password expiration info. Specifically, a small number of users had both a password expiration date set and a flag on their account which indicated their password does not expire.  Do to a flaw in the existing logic, this resulted in Reftool displaying something like this:

Expired password never expires

This issue has been fixed, and users should now have at most one ‘Password Expires’ field per entry. Note that the flag which indicated their password does not expire (a userAccountControl status of 66048) has been given precedence.

Well, that’s all for now. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.