New forms in TeamDynamix – Duo Support, Transcripts


2 forms have been added to TeamDynamix. 1 for Duo Support and 1 for Transcripts requests.

  • A couple required fields have been added to the Duo Support form. The following fields will show on the form if “Bypass code issued” or “Phone – Switching number” is selected from the “Duo Support items” list.
    • “How was the customers ID verified?”
    • “Type of ID (drivers license, passport, etc)”


To make it easier for you to help customers with Duo, and Transcripts.

How do I find the forms?

Create a new ticket in the “IT” application in TeamDynamix, at the top of the form, start typing either “Duo” or “Transcripts” to find the forms, and select it.

The KB article on “creating a ticket” can be found here: