Zoom Support

OSU will be turning on Zoom video-conferencing on May 28, 2019.

At that time, people who were using free Zoom accounts associated with an OSU email address will be rolled into the OSU instance. They will need to login at https://oregonstate.zoom.us with their ONID credentials. More information here: Zoom – Login Change as of 5/28/2019

The Service Desk will provide tier 1 support for Zoom. Service Desk will be doing Zoom support training soon. Please note that the customers who are being moved on May 28 are already familiar with Zoom.

The Zoom Service Infosheet has escalation instructions. For now we will be escalating to the “Managed Communication (MCS), Zoom Support”.

There is also a “Zoom Support” ticket creation form to utilize. This form is shared across multiple groups in TeamDynamix and sets responsibility to the “Service Desk (group)” by default.

As always, please try to collect as much information as you can before doing an escalation.

Zoom Resources: