Incoming Reftool Updates

Hello team,

We have several updates to Reftool going live this week. Please see below for complete details.

TD Button Changes

The biggest change concerns the various buttons on the account view which allowed for rapid Team Dynamix ticket creation. Previously, these appeared like so:

old TD buttons

In an effort to simply the Reftool-TD workflow, however, this has been changed. The “Major Problem (Outage)” and “Incident” buttons as well as the “Service Requests” dropdown have all been removed and replaced by a single consolidated “Create TD Ticket in IT App” button.

new TD button

Clicking this new button will take you to a Team Dynamix form selection page which will allow you to select the appropriate form for the type of request you wish to create and then populate the selected form with relevant data.

td form selector form

Search Link Highlighting

The second group of changes this round is intended to make the process of searching just a bit more user-friendly. Specifically, the links to access Advanced Options and Search Help have been bolded and underlined.

These come after anecdotal reports of IT pros overlooking these buttons. While the Advanced options are pretty basic at present, the Search Help is an particularly useful feature, especially for newer users who are still learning how to form effective Reftool Queries (and vets who just can’t seem to find a certain account).

Changed LDAP Button Appearance

Continuing the theme of highlighting useful yet under-used features, the “View LDAP Entry” button at the bottom of the account view page has been changed to make it appear more button-like.


This button is, in my opinion, the coolest mostly unnecessary/largely unused feature in Reftool. Clicking it dumps the raw data received by Reftool from various services straight to the screen. In addition to containing much more info than is displayed in the pretty-fied boxes above, this also shows what that data looks like prior to Reftool’s processing, useful for those times when you find an entry with some weird looking data and want to figure out where it came from.expanded LDAP data

Offer Search Help if Search Returns 0 Results

Finally, we have added another link to the search help modal that will appear any time a search returns 0 results. There are, after all, few things more frustrating than the apparent inability to find an account which you are sure exists.

no results

The plan is to push these updates to production around midday on Friday. For those of you with access, they are currently live and usable on the Reftool dev instance.  As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions for future improvements, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

– Rick Menzel