MyOSU and Online Services

Reminder: troubleshooting and escalation steps for MyOSU are in the Infosheet here: MyOSU Service Infosheet

(Thanks go to Jill Swenson for this update.)

Some customers have trouble accessing links in MyOSU due to local network restrictions (see: MyOSU – Resolve Broken Links). In the past, one of the work-arounds we provided was to have them go through the old LDAP-based “Traditional Online Services Login” at

This is no longer a valid workaround. The web page has been changed to authenticate users through CAS (and DUO, if enrolled).  Any users with valid active ONID accounts must now use this method to log on to Online services—LDAP authentication is no longer possible.

Access through CAS authentication requires those ports that have been troublesome to users with local network restrictions. The preferred solution for such individuals is to connect through the campus VPN (link to VPN setup guide:

If necessary, former students and employees may still log on to Online services with OSU ID and GAP.  The link to do so is  This link will only work for individuals without a valid ONID account.  If people with active ONID accounts attempt to log on with their OSU ID and GAP, they will be directed to the CAS login process.

Instead of seeing this login:

…customers will see this login:

Some people may have bookmarked the URL for the Banner self-service login. The page now shows a link to direct current ONID users to the correct login URL: