TD Asset Sync Update

Hello all!

Team Dynamix Asset Sync script received an update which will go live this week! There are new attributes included in the sync with Casper.

Warranty Expiration Date

The asset sync script creates a new asset in TD if the asset exists in Casper but not TD. Among the attributes retrieved for the new asset is warranty expiration date; however, for existing assets, it was not synced.

Warranty expiration date is now synced for existing TD assets. Like other attributes synced, date obtained from Casper only overwrites that in TD when there is a date in Casper and it is different from the date in TD.

Acquisition Date

Additionally, the sync script now creates/updates a TD asset’s acquisition date. This is obtained from Casper’s purchase order (PO) date.

Sandbox Test Result

The sync script was tested on TD Sandbox. As an example, below is the update result of asset #336601:

Screenshot of Asset #336601 updated
Latest (sandbox) update to asset #336601

Questions, comments, concerns? Let me know!

Build Tracker Update

Hey all,

Build Tracker received a variety of fixes which will go live this week! Here are the changes to expect:

Selecting Operating System

When creating an interview, the user is asked to select an operating system. The following operating systems are deleted:

  • Windows 7
  • Mac OS X El Capitan
  • Mac OS X Sierra
  • OSX + Win7 (Parallels)

Additionally, OSX + Win10 (Bootcamp) is removed since it is increasingly out of favor.

On the other hand, Mac OS X Mojave is added.

BEFORE. *Not shown: OSX + Win7 (Parallels)

Selecting ONID Unit

In the AD/Cyber tab of the interview form, selecting an AD Domain OU is no longer required for Mac builds. There is a note indicating such. If the build is not exclusively Mac, the note will not show.

AFTER. *Mac OS X Mojave build

Build & Checkoff Tabs

In the build sheet, either the Build and Checkoff tab are underlined when it is active (i.e. currently viewed). The underlining used to be a kind of blue, which was hard to see against a background colored with another shade of blue. The underline is now plain red, for better distinction.


Another feature added is the build sheet auto-switching to the Checkoff tab when the user completes the Build checklist. The Build checklist is considered complete when the last item in the checklist is checked. The auto-switching also occurs when the user returns to the build sheet with the Build list finished.

That’s all, folks! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, let me know.

Canvas Support

As of 6/18/2019, Instructure has changed their phone menu on the Canvas support line.

When students call Instructure for Canvas support, they will now hear the following:

Thank you for calling Canvas Support. Please select the option that best applies to your call. To repeat this menu at any time, please press 8.

For login and password assistance, of if you have questions about registration or course enrollments, press 1.

To speak to a Canvas representative at Instructure about any other Canvas issues, please press 2.

The first option routes to the Service Desk; the second option routes to Instructure.

Please review the Canvas Infosheet for troubleshooting and escalation instructions.

TDx form – ONID Account sign-up


A new form is available in TeamDynamix now for the ONID account sign-up process. This form will help you walk through assisting someone sign-up for an ONID account.  This form is also available for customers to utilize, and Identity and Access Management will be directly linking to this ticket form, from the ONID account sign-up process.


  1. To assist customers with the sign-up process and direct them to other OSU departments (Registrars, HR, etc.) if some of their sign-up information is NOT working .
  2. To assist Service Desk staff with the ONID sign-up process, and provide more information / direction so you can assist the customer.
  3. To gather additional data about WHY people are running into challenges signing-up for / activating their ONID account. This information will help inform additional process improvements for the ONID sign-up process, additional knowledge-base articles, etc.

How to access / use the form:

  1. Create a ticket from RefTool, at the top of the TDx ticket creation window, in the “form” field search for “ONID Account Signup”.
  2. In the “IT” tab in TD, click “new”, at the top of the TDx ticket creation window, in the “form” field search for “ONID Account Signup”.

Our KB article about “TeamDynamix – how to create a ticket” is here:


Customer facing form:

Technician form:

Knowledgebase articles:

ONID Sign-up troubleshooting (internal)

ONID sign-up issues (customer facing)

RefTool Update


RefTool received a fix which will go live this week!

For delegated accounts, the Support Group filter doesn’t look past the initial and thus assigns them all to the Service Desk. For example:

Screenshot of "Account Details" section

The user’s Account Location shows the account as delegated to COS. However, RefTool assigns the user to the Service Desk, as shown next to Support Group, which is incorrect.

Screenshot of "Customer Details" section before the fix

The latest fix changes that. Now, RefTool designates the user’s Support Group correctly:

Screenshot of "Customer Details" section after the fix

There remain several delegated accounts that are still designated as “unknown” or “Service Desk” as before.

Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions!*

*As you may have noticed, Rick Menzel is not this post’s author, even though he did all of the work. My name is Khoa Tran, and I will be his replacement for the upcoming academic year. Kudos to him for letting me steal the show!