Building Surplus Computers

It is a generally a bad idea for us to do a CN build for computers that came from OSU Surplus.

If a customer asks about this, please advise them that surplus computers are often too old to be set up with modern operating systems and software. Also, even if a surplus computer is not that old, it may have been sent to surplus because it has other reliability issues.

If a customer is adamant about having a surplus computer built as a CN device, please make a ticket and assign it to “Service Desk – Managers”. Let them know a member of the management team will get back to them.


Note: this notice applies to university-owned CN devices, not personally-owned devices. Also, I am not talking about “trickle-down” computers that came from another person or department. I am just talking about a computer that went to OSU surplus, and then was bought by a CN-supported department to be re-used as a CN machine.

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