Packet Capture Process for Outlook Issues


The Network/Telecom teams have asked that we complete a packet capture on machines still having issues with Outlook opening normally. To facilitate this I have put together some basic instructions for installing Wireshark (the application we will use to capture packets) and what to do with the capture file.

Please complete the steps below when remote-connected in to a machine experiencing the Outlook connectivity issue:

On the user machine:

  1. Navigate to \\software\Scratch\Wireshark\ and double-click-on the appropriate Wireshark installer (most or all machines should be 64 bit).
  2. Enter your admin credentials into the UAC prompt.
  3. Click on the following buttons to complete the install: Next > I Agree > Next > Next > Next > Next > Install.
  4. After a couple of minutes, a second install wizard will pop up.
  5. Click on the following buttons to complete the second install: Next > I Agree > Install.
  6. When the second installer finishes, leave the Reboot now radio button selected and click on the Finish button.
  7. Have the user log into Windows when prompted.
  8. Wireshark will complete some additional install steps. When it completes the install, click on the Next button, check the box for Run Wireshark 2.2.0 (64-bit), then click on the Finish button.

When the Wireshark screen comes up:

  1. Click on Capture > Start to start the packet capture.
  2. Launch Outlook and let it run until it either loads or fails to load.
  3. Click on Capture > Stop then File > Save As.
  4. Enter <machine name_ date> as the file name (eg. SOLIT-OP960_28SEPT16) and save it to the user’s desktop.
  5. Move the capture file to \\software\Scratch\Wireshark\, update the ticket with the file name and any other relevant information, and let Max know there is a new capture to review.
  6. Close Wireshark.

If Outlook did not load properly for the user, complete additional troubleshooting steps as needed.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Max Cohen.

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