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Updated Ricoh Copier Swap Information

The Ricoh copier swaps for campus started yesterday and will continue for the next few weeks. I will be cleaning-up the aftermath as much as I can onsite for campus departments, but the Service Desk will be getting calls from Extension sites, users who were out of the office at the time of the swap, and any other stragglers.

If a user calls in after the swap to get help with getting the new copier added, or getting the old copier removed, just create a standard Service Request and process it as you would any other printer ticket.

I will make an effort to dump the initial ticket for the departments to be swapped on a given day into the sd-callcenter channel in Slack, but if you need find a specific ticket I created a ticket report in TD named ‘SD – Ricoh Copier Swap’ that should have all of the initial tickets in it.

Ricoh copier swaps on campus


The Ricoh copier lease contract for the campus is expiring and a new purchase process has been implemented. Ricoh representatives will be working with the Printing and Mailing office to facilitate the transition of the currently deployed copiers with the newer models. The current arrangement we have with P&M to handle copiers in departments we support is as follows:

  • The new copier arrives at P&M for staging.
  • The configuration for the existing printer is copied via the network and applied to the new copier by a Ricoh technician.
  • A ticket is created in TD for the copier swap (either by me or by the copier contact in the department).
  • I enter the new copier in in Cyder, create a new print queue, and spin up a new security group (or rename the one for the old copier if applicable).
  • The placement of the new copier is arranged with the department it is going to and the copier contact in the department is supposed to notify me (this may come in to TD as a standard Service Request).
  • The copier is delivered and installed by a Ricoh technician.
  • I update the queue if needed and have the new GPO is applied to the appropriate OU.
  • Windows users should see the new copier after a restart and not see the old copier. Mac users will need to be reconfigured manually.

Any tickets regarding the swap from previously leased Ricoh copiers to the newly purchased models that are generated by a user contacting us should be assigned to me in TD.

Packet Capture Process for Outlook Issues


The Network/Telecom teams have asked that we complete a packet capture on machines still having issues with Outlook opening normally. To facilitate this I have put together some basic instructions for installing Wireshark (the application we will use to capture packets) and what to do with the capture file.

Please complete the steps below when remote-connected in to a machine experiencing the Outlook connectivity issue:

On the user machine:

  1. Navigate to \\software\Scratch\Wireshark\ and double-click-on the appropriate Wireshark installer (most or all machines should be 64 bit).
  2. Enter your admin credentials into the UAC prompt.
  3. Click on the following buttons to complete the install: Next > I Agree > Next > Next > Next > Next > Install.
  4. After a couple of minutes, a second install wizard will pop up.
  5. Click on the following buttons to complete the second install: Next > I Agree > Install.
  6. When the second installer finishes, leave the Reboot now radio button selected and click on the Finish button.
  7. Have the user log into Windows when prompted.
  8. Wireshark will complete some additional install steps. When it completes the install, click on the Next button, check the box for Run Wireshark 2.2.0 (64-bit), then click on the Finish button.

When the Wireshark screen comes up:

  1. Click on Capture > Start to start the packet capture.
  2. Launch Outlook and let it run until it either loads or fails to load.
  3. Click on Capture > Stop then File > Save As.
  4. Enter <machine name_ date> as the file name (eg. SOLIT-OP960_28SEPT16) and save it to the user’s desktop.
  5. Move the capture file to \\software\Scratch\Wireshark\, update the ticket with the file name and any other relevant information, and let Max know there is a new capture to review.
  6. Close Wireshark.

If Outlook did not load properly for the user, complete additional troubleshooting steps as needed.

If you have any additional questions, please direct them to Max Cohen.

Office 2016 push on Sept 8

Below is the list of AABC machines that were pushed to last night:


Update for AABC in SEC

I have finished manually moving 24 of the machines for the AABC in the Student Experience Center office from the NWS domain to the TSS domain and renaming them using our standard naming convention. I also installed the SCCM client them at the same time so they should start popping into SCCM and will hopefully be available for their Office 2016 push this week.

As part of the join to the TSS domain they will also now be pulling down our standard tree-level GPO and login policies, so the local administrator account should be pushed down and associated services like NiNite should be running against the devices now.

There are two or three devices left to rollover and I will accomplish those when the users return to the office.

Changes to CPHHS server space

Last night SSG and SIG made some minor changes to the structure of the CPHHS share space. These changes were made to allow greater flexibility in managing the storage volumes where the data is hosted. The following was accomplished:

  • Removed access for users to the BPHS and OandE folders.
  • Perform a final sync between the old folders and the new volumes.
  • Rename the old folders.
  • Move the new volumes (BPHS and OandE) under CPHHS to replace the old folders.

Everything went smoothly on the back end and there should be transparent to the users, but if there are any issues please relay them to me so I can work with SSG and SIG to resolve them.

Changes in ITKnowS!

Over the last week or two I have worked with Kirsten, Samuel, and others to accomplish some clean-up and standardization in ITKnowS!. The goal was to determine what document types we needed and develop templates to use for creating those types of documents in the future. For now, we have settled on the following basic groupings:

  • Service Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to a campus service.
  • Application Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to an application.
  • Policy Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to a specific Client Services or Information Services policy.
  • Departmental Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to a CN supported department.
  • Procedure Information Sheets – cheat sheets and checklists with the relevant information relating to an internal process.
  • Service or Application Guide – lists the relevant information relating to services we manage a portion of or applications with a large volume of information.

Templates were created in ITKnowS! for each of these document types so new documentation can be entered into a standardized format. To utilize one of the templates when creating a new document (post):

  • Scroll over the +New link at the top of the ITKnowS! main window.
  • Select the Post option in the menu to open a blank Post screen.
  • Click on the Insert Template button near the middle of the page.
  • Pick an appropriate template from the drop-down menu and click on the second Insert Template button to add the template to your new post.
  • Add or replace information in the different sections of the template and save the post when you are done!

As part of the clean-up, some of existing posts were updated with the new infosheet format or consolidated into the guide format. The following applications and services have been standardized or created.

  • Adobe CC
  • Avanti
  • BitLocker
  • Casper Suite
  • Data Warehouse
  • Degree Works
  • EMS
  • EventPro
  • FORSE\Com
  • Greenbutton
  • Hyperion
  • ILLiad
  • Justice
  • Office 2016
  • R25
  • SCCM
  • ScreenConnect
  • SigPlus
  • SPSS
  • SQL Developer
  • Worldox

If you have questions pertaining to creating posts in ITKnowS!, or have feedback about the document types or templates, feel free to get with me (Todd) for clarification.

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