DeployStudio image updated 8/25/2016

Late yesterday afternoon I updated the El Capitan image on DeployStudio. I trimmed the image down to under 14gb. All standard software is up to date. This image is El Capitan version 10.11.6.

First deployment took a total of 12 minutes. Results may vary depending on hardware and how many machines are currently imaging.

If anyone has any comments, concerns, suggestions, improvements, or requests email me at



Box Project Update



The Box soft launch is on for September 7. At that time, all current students and employees will be eligible for Box; associates will not be eligible for Box. Associates have a primary affiliation of “Other” in RefTool.

The OSU Box website will be launched on September 7 as well at The dev site can be viewed here.

The Box UI is scheduled to change just before OSU’s launch date. Anyone already using Box (the pilot users) will have the choice to keep the old UI for now or upgrade. For details on the main UI look and feel changes, please see these screen captures.

Account Activation and Eligibility

Employees will be signed up in bulk for access to Box. By default, the system sends a “welcome to Box” email to new users; the project team is attempting to suppress that message to reduce confusion on the soft launch date. More details for instructors and researchers can be found on the OSU Box website.

Students will sign themselves up for Box by logging into the system one time (step-by-step instructions here). Students must be registered for classes in order to use Box. They will have 2 terms of grace following the eligible period, after which their Box data will be deleted. (Student eligibility details here.)

Why Box?

Many of you have asked “Why Box?” as opposed to other storage solutions. Please view the matrix of use cases here for details.

Some key points:

  • Unlimited total storage
  • 15GB max per file size
  • Easily retain departmental ownership of files

The ability to create institutional folders that are not tied to an individual’s account is an important distinguishing feature of Box. Departments may request an institutional folder by submitting a ticket to the Service Desk; the request will be escalated to tier 2 for Box. In future this process may become self-service. Details on institutional folders can be found here.

Repatriation of existing Box accounts

Starting last week, anyone who was already using Box with an OSU email address received notice from letting them know that their account would be repatriated into the OSU instance. Anyone who is not eligible for Box with their OSU email received a notice telling them to move their content or change their email address to a non-OSU address. This has posed a problem in particular for INTO-OSU staff who were using Box with OSU emails; the Box project team are in discussion with them now.

Box Documentation

OSU Box website: (not live yet)

OSU Box instance:

Box Community training and how-tos for end-users

Box InfoSheet with escalation instructions in ITKnows

Changes to CPHHS server space

Last night SSG and SIG made some minor changes to the structure of the CPHHS share space. These changes were made to allow greater flexibility in managing the storage volumes where the data is hosted. The following was accomplished:

  • Removed access for users to the BPHS and OandE folders.
  • Perform a final sync between the old folders and the new volumes.
  • Rename the old folders.
  • Move the new volumes (BPHS and OandE) under CPHHS to replace the old folders.

Everything went smoothly on the back end and there should be transparent to the users, but if there are any issues please relay them to me so I can work with SSG and SIG to resolve them.

Changes to Coho Salutation and Signature

As of 8/22/2016, I have made the following modifications to the salutation and signature on Coho tickets in the “CN Base” queue. Note: I have not modified other queues yet.

  • The salutation now says “Hello Name” instead of just “Name”. If you feel it sounds awkward in any particular correspondence, feel free to remove it or change it.
  • The signature block now contains two “news” items: a link to an FAQ about what the Service Desk is, and a link to an announcement about the move of the walk-up from the library to Milne.
  • I have rearranged the signature block so that the technician’s name appears first, the news items second, and the “To respond…” section last.

Let me know if you run into any issues with this.

Changes in ITKnowS!

Over the last week or two I have worked with Kirsten, Samuel, and others to accomplish some clean-up and standardization in ITKnowS!. The goal was to determine what document types we needed and develop templates to use for creating those types of documents in the future. For now, we have settled on the following basic groupings:

  • Service Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to a campus service.
  • Application Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to an application.
  • Policy Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to a specific Client Services or Information Services policy.
  • Departmental Information Sheets – lists the relevant information relating to a CN supported department.
  • Procedure Information Sheets – cheat sheets and checklists with the relevant information relating to an internal process.
  • Service or Application Guide – lists the relevant information relating to services we manage a portion of or applications with a large volume of information.

Templates were created in ITKnowS! for each of these document types so new documentation can be entered into a standardized format. To utilize one of the templates when creating a new document (post):

  • Scroll over the +New link at the top of the ITKnowS! main window.
  • Select the Post option in the menu to open a blank Post screen.
  • Click on the Insert Template button near the middle of the page.
  • Pick an appropriate template from the drop-down menu and click on the second Insert Template button to add the template to your new post.
  • Add or replace information in the different sections of the template and save the post when you are done!

As part of the clean-up, some of existing posts were updated with the new infosheet format or consolidated into the guide format. The following applications and services have been standardized or created.

  • Adobe CC
  • Avanti
  • BitLocker
  • Casper Suite
  • Data Warehouse
  • Degree Works
  • EMS
  • EventPro
  • FORSE\Com
  • Greenbutton
  • Hyperion
  • ILLiad
  • Justice
  • Office 2016
  • R25
  • SCCM
  • ScreenConnect
  • SigPlus
  • SPSS
  • SQL Developer
  • Worldox

If you have questions pertaining to creating posts in ITKnowS!, or have feedback about the document types or templates, feel free to get with me (Todd) for clarification.

Go Forth And Document!

Service Desk Digest – 8/16/2016

Customer Service Training

On Tuesday 8/9, all full-time staff in Client Services attended a customer service training provided by Kristen Magis from HR. The goal of the session was to work through the training modules and customize them to our needs. Kristen will also be helping us turn this into a Canvas module so that student workers can do the training ad-hoc.

Box Training

Box is slated to be made available to all students and employees in a soft launch on September 7. The Service Desk is the tier 1 point-of-contact for Box support.

All Client Services staff and student workers (everyone who is here this summer) should be able to login to now. If you had trouble accessing the training before, please try again via this method:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on “Get Training” on the right.
  3. If this is the first time you have gone to the Training site, wait 1 day before doing the next step.
  4. Search for “Helpdesk Essentials”, click on it, and choose “Launch”.
  5. If that doesn’t work, click on your profile at the top-right, then choose “Transcript” – the training should be listed under “Active”.

Walk-up Moving to Milne

There is a project underway to move the repair and tier 1 services of the walk-up desk from the Library to Milne before school starts in September. The checkout and production services will stay in the library. If this move happens, it will be during early to mid September.

The project team is: Andrew, Kirsten, Max, Samuel, Jeff, Richard, Ed. Ping one of us if you have questions or concerns.

I am currently working on the communications plan and CAB request for this change.

Walk-up folks please note: Community Network customers will also be able to bring their OSU-owned computers to the walk-up for assistance, but we will not be promoting this service until later in Fall. For now, if a CN customer comes to the walkup, please DO NOT TURN THEM AWAY. Ask for their ticket number, or look them up in RefTool to find their ticket, and call the 78787 number if you are not sure what to do.

New IS Website

The Information Services website is being redone, and the new one should be going into production either late August or early September.

You can view the dev version of the new IS site here. I am still working with Sher Fenn to update much of our content.

Citrix XenApp ( has replaced RemoteApps. The Service Desk is the tier 1 point-of-contact for all Citrix requests. Escalate issues to the Campus Labs queue in Coho as needed.

The InfoSheet for Citrix is in ITKnows.

The name of this service may change, but for now we seem to be calling it “Citrix” or “Apps”.

OSU-Cascades New Building

The grand opening for Tykeson Hall is September 13. Greg Chilcote and Shannon Osborne were busy last week getting things ready.

With things being very busy in Bend and with OSU-Cascades expanding to more locations, we are encouraging CN customers at OSU-Cascades to call the call center for support rather than arm-grabbing Greg and Shannon for everything. Always make note of where a customer is located when talking to them on the phone. We can send Greg and Shannon to field appointments in Bend just as we do with field techs here in Corvallis. Max C. is working on getting travel time information to assist us with scheduling.

New Email Address for Service Desk

Beginning with promotional events this Fall and with changes to the IS website, I will be promoting a new email address for contacting the Service Desk.

The official contact information for the Service Desk is as follows:

IS Service Desk

Phone: 541-737-8787 (Corvallis/Statewide),  541-322-2051 (OSU-Cascades)


Walk-up: Valley Library, main floor lobby area (until this changes)

Fall Service Desk Hours

With the move of the walk-up to Milne, we will be syncing up the call center hours with the walk-up. Our fall hours for walk-up and call center will be:

IS Service Desk Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am-7PM

Saturday/Sunday: 3PM-7PM

Team Dynamix Update

We are getting ready to reboot the project to roll Client Services to Team Dynamix, our new ticketing system.

Lucas Friedrichsen will be heading up this effort, with Paul Bunn as the project manager.

I can’t give an exact time frame yet, but if all goes well, we will be migrating the Service Desk from Coho to Team Dynamix in mid-to-late Fall term.

We will address other groups who use Coho after the Service Desk operations have moved.

UHC Data Move

The following changes occurred for UHC yesterday evening (8/2 @ 6pm or thereabouts):

UHC home folders were moved from existing CN-Home storage to a newer Netapp volume. This should be transparent to customers as the path is \\cn-home\UHC\<username> before and after the change, but going through \\cn-home\G1_home\<username> is no longer possible.

UHC photos that were on an external drive (which died, and we did a data recovery) are now up on the network at \\cn-share\UHC-Photos. Group policy will automatically map this as the O drive for UHC folks, as well as create a desktop shortcut.