Service Desk Digest 9/23/2016

It was a very busy and somewhat chaotic week and I am tired. I have lots of things to tell you all, but for now, how about some nice survey comments from the past week instead?

Despite some frustrating moments, our team made the week better for a lot of people. Good work, everyone.

Note: In addition to the below, there were two complaints and one suggestion. Both people who complained have been helped and said “thank you” afterward.

Survey Results since this past Sunday:

Thank you for spending weeks and multiple attempts trying to fix the Windows Photo Viewer. I really appreciate your patience.

Yes, the technician was very helpful and solved the problem immediately!

Helpful and efficient with good customer service.

They were persistent until the problem was solved.

Russ was great!

great job

Patrick was excellent! He knew what to look for, what to do and cleaned up some items that may not have contributed to the problem, but could have. He went that extra mile to cover all the bases the first time. It was an intermittent problem and I haven’t had problems since and hopefully this took care of it.

I really appreciated Jessee stopping by within a few minutes of placing my call. He tested the PC and accurately diagnosed the issue and gave me a solution that worked!!!

Gina and Joshua were both great and friendly in assisting me set up my new work computer.

The technicians who helped me were great. I got the information needed and my questions were answered. They were knowledgeable and prompt in the service provided.

She was able to find my missing folder. Extremely happy. Saving me years of work.

it was a qucik email note to check that my comptuer had been updated. It went well.

Super helpful and consistent with communication.

Did a great job

no suggestions, everything looked great.

Tech was great. He stayed with the problem until he had it solved. Greatly appreciated.

Really nice and patient. Very knowledgeable

Nick was able to take care of getting us a shortened simple URL to mail out to 10,000 homes. I had asked Qualtrics, Victor V., and Nick got us one quickly. So HAPPY!!!!

I have had very helpful, knowledgeable interactions with all the technicians I have worked with.

Very helpful and cheerful. Solved the problem in minutes.

Thanks for your nice follow-up note. Again, I’ve been very pleased with my experiences with CN in the past and know you all work hard at what you do. We appreciate what you do.

it was great.

Tech was fantastic!

Everything was great. We were able to get Adobe Acrobat Pro installed on two of our computers to enable us to edit a document quickly.

CJ, was very nice and helped guide me in the right direction to getting my computer fixed. Appreciated the great service.

Its good for me.

The service rep was very patient for me and he was very supportive. Thank you for your great service.

He communicated very well and knew exactly how to solve the situation

The technical was very polite and professional and tried to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, as it turned out, there was no “automated” way to do what I was asking, so I ended up manually transferring the calendar entries from the Google calendar to Outlook.

The service was perfect and the technician was very helpful and nice. He was also very calm even when he couldn’t figure out the problem right away.

Good! Very nice and kind service!

It’s helpful to not only have the problem fixed but also explained. Thanks!

The issue had to do with a listserv I created and though the technician wasn’t 100% familiar with every aspect of the system he was able to figure things out in short order.

I don’t know his name, but he was very helpful and nice