Box Institutional Folders

Institutional folders are a key feature of Box. If a folder has been made into an institutional folder, the contents will not be lost even if all of the co-owners leave and their accounts are removed. (This has been an issue in the past with Google Drive and Office 365 OneDrive.)

To make a folder an institutional folder, the owner can follow these steps. We need to be prepared to help walk our users through this process.

  1.  Log into Box and Create a folder that you would like to make an institutional/organizational folder.
  2. After creating the folder click on  the box with the three dots (the ellipsis) to the right of the folder name.
  3. In the menu go to Sharing and then Invite or Manage Collaborators.
  4.  Invite the OSU Folder Admin to be a co-owner.  This account will auto accept the invite.
  5.  Next make sure you have at least one other co-owner on this folder.  Note: Once you transfer ownership to the OSU Folder Admin, you will become an Editor and only another co-owner can reinstate you as a co-owner.
  6.  Go back to Manage Collaborators.
  7.  Select OSU Folder Admin and change its permissions to Owner.
  8.  Click Okay on the “Change Item owner” dialog that pops up.  This is just a warning telling you that your account will be changed to Editor permissions.
  9.  If you wish to be a co-owner have the other co-owner change your permissions from editor to co-owner.

Ways this process could go wrong:

  • All collaborators on the folder who were not co-owners will lose access to the folder. Permissions for Editors, Viewers, etc. will need to be re-instated by one of the co-owners.
  • The owner following the steps above will be changed to an Editor and will need another co-owner to restore their co-owner access level. We will not have rights to make that change on their behalf.
  • The person following the steps above might forget to add another co-owner. Once ownership is changed to OSU Folder Admin, they will be stuck, and we will need to escalate to Box tier 2 for resolution.