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Archives: February, 2016

Gel Beads at Warm Springs!  February 5th, 2016

Warm Springs Elementary School took our Gel Beads activity for a spin last week after we shared it at our Winter Teacher’s Workshop. The students sure looked like they had fun and learned lots! Check it out below:

image2 image3image4image1


















Strengthening Communication for a Supportive SMILE Community  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

We have compiled the activities that we facilitated during the workshop as well as a few others from the Teaching Tolerance resources ( We hope that you incorporate one or more of these activities into your club meetings as a way of preparing for the upcoming Challenge events!

Strengthening Communication Activities – This is an overview of the activities we did during the workshop and a few more you might be interested in.

Happening Handshake Activity Slips – These are the slips for the first activity.

Communication Activity Handout Slips – These are the slips for the nonverbal communication activity.

It All Comes Down to Glucose!  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Thanks to Brain Hartman from the College of Education for sharing this bioenergy activity with us at the workshop.

2000px-Beta-D-Glucose.svgIt All Comes Down to Glucose Lesson Plan

It’s All About Glucose Powerpoint Presentation


Our Changing Oceans: Ocean Acidification Across Geologic Timescales  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Thanks to Assistant Professor Dr. George Waldbusser and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Annaliese Hettinger,  from the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences for partnering with SMILE and sharing the following activity with teachers at the workshop:

Ocean Acidification Lesson Plan



Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teacher’s Workshop:

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Powerpoint PresentationFactory_Automation_Robotics_Palettizing_Bread

Wave Power Generators  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Here are the Wave Power Lesson Plan, Wave Energy Engineering powerpoint presentation, and Wave Energy Converter Diagram from the Wave Power Generators session at the workshop. Thanks to Kyle and Emily from Precollege Programs!


Wave Energy Lesson Plan

Wave Energy Engineering Presentation

Wave Energy Converter Diagram


Brewing for Bioenergy  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Brewing for Bioenergy Lesson Plan


Brewing for Bioenergy Presentation – This is the powerpoint that Brian Hartman shared during the session

Mechanical Engineering: 2016 Middle School Challenge!  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Here are the materials shared with you during the Mechanical Engineering session. Make sure to share the ME video with your students prior to the Challenge!

Mechanical Engineering Powerpoint Presentation

Teacher Scoring Sheet

Looking forward to seeing you and all your students at the Middle School Challenges!