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Archives: November, 2015

Monroe SMILE Club students show off their stream ecosystems!  November 24th, 2015

Monroe SMILE club students engineered stream ecosystems to meet the specific adaptations of the macroinvertebrates that they designed.  Once their streams were complete they added water to test their work!  Check out their creativity!


New Activity: Micro-Crossbow!  November 20th, 2015

We wanted to share a new activity with you: the Micro-Crossbow! The directions are very thorough, and it looks like an awful lot of fun! Check it out here.

Scribbler at Lincoln Elementary!  November 5th, 2015

Michelle at Lincoln Elementary School sent us photos to share of her recent Scribbler robot activity. The activity was a hit and looks like a lot of fun!

IMG_3964 (1)IMG_3963 (2) IMG_3961 (1)

IMG_3960 (1)

IMG_3965 (1)