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Category: Engineering

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teacher’s Workshop:

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Powerpoint PresentationFactory_Automation_Robotics_Palettizing_Bread

Wave Power Generators  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Here are the Wave Power Lesson Plan, Wave Energy Engineering powerpoint presentation, and Wave Energy Converter Diagram from the Wave Power Generators session at the workshop. Thanks to Kyle and Emily from Precollege Programs!


Wave Energy Lesson Plan

Wave Energy Engineering Presentation

Wave Energy Converter Diagram


Chemical Engineering  February 4th, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

Introduction to Chemical Engineering

Gel Beads activity: Learn how polymers cross-link into gels and experiment with making your own gel beads!


Chemical Car activity: Learn about how the ratios of chemicals affect reaction and use the baking soda-vinegar reaction to power a car!

Understanding Batteries & Capacitors Activity: The Classroom Electric Circuit  February 3rd, 2016

From our January Teachers’ Workshop:

We heard from Dr. David Ji, an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at OSU. Below are the materials that we shared with you:

Energy Storage in the 21st Century – This is Dr. Ji’s powerpoint presentation.

Understanding Batteries & Capacitors Lesson Plan – This is the lesson plan created by SMILE and shared with you at the workshop.




Battery Activity Introductory Powerpoint – This is a powerpoint presentation created by SMILE that can be used to introduce the topic of batteries and how they work as well as the above activity.








Battery Types – This is an excel spreadsheet that can be used for an extensional activity where students explore different types of batteries and their applications.

Monroe SMILE Club students show off their stream ecosystems!  November 24th, 2015

Monroe SMILE club students engineered stream ecosystems to meet the specific adaptations of the macroinvertebrates that they designed.  Once their streams were complete they added water to test their work!  Check out their creativity!


Middle School Engineering Resources from August Teacher’s Workshop  September 23rd, 2015

At our Teacher’s Workshop this past August, we presented Middle School Engineering activities. See the links below for resources to bring back to your classrooms!


Engineering Design Challenges

Energy Conversions Equation

Egg Catcher

Engineering Practices

IME Activities: Assembly Process  April 9th, 2015

Like many IME activities in the past, we have talked about assembly lines. Usually, the activity includes pre-made instructions for each step of the assembly process. However, in this activity students get to create their own. How do you divide work evenly among each step in the assembly line? Is an assembly line cost effective? Students will get to discover this for themselves in this activity.


IME Activities: Line Balancing  April 9th, 2015

What is line balancing? It is when each person/workstation has a specific task to complete in order to make a product. The goal in line balancing is to complete a task in a specified amount of time so production does not fall behind. That is the main task in this IME lesson plan. Students must construct a “house” in a specified amount of time. But what do you do if you know you cannot make the time goal given? What would you compromise on? Ask your students these questions while going through the following material: